Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journey into a Scary Night

I fell asleep with the lights on at about 2am I think, with my hand holding the thick notes for tomorrow's lesson which I was reading. I got up at about 3 something, went to switch off the lights and dive back into my bed after throwing the notes onto my study table. 

While I was deep in my sleep, I was suddenly awaken by a heavy weight on top of me. It feels like my whole body is being pushed down so hard and I couldn't move except my eyes. The lights were off, I couldn't see much but I was feeling very uncomfortable and really scared. Well, I've heard of this kind of phenomenon before (sleep paralysis) so I can explain it scientifically. But at that moment I felt like I wasn't alone in the room. I tried looking up expecting to see Genga's red eyes but luckily there wasn't anything there or else I might die of heart attack >.<  However I still felt like there were some evil presence in the room. I could be hallucinating, like how these kind of phenomenon was documented scientifically. Being unable to move, I tried to shout Jesus' name out loud, but only a soft whimper came out of my mouth, I then realised I couldn't move my mouth properly too. Plus the whimper which came out of my mouth sounds like 'mommy' vaguely. I was puzzled at myself. Getting even more scared now, I tried another time. This time I'm going to use a stronger sentence. So I tried to shout "In Jesus' name, be gone!" with more sense of authority. I projected it to my mouth and I felt the 'thing' left hurriedly as the last word 'gone' left my mouth. Note I wasn't able to say the speech out in audible tone except the word 'gone' when I suddenly was able to move my mouth and body. I don't know how to explain it, it was as if the 'thing' was terrified, but I felt like I'm the one who's supposed to be more scared. 

I pushed my blanket away now because I felt hot due to the increased blood flow from my emotions. Well, even though I can move already, I was still feeling so scared, I keep looking around the room but I don't see anything peculiar. I prayed but I was still too afraid to go back to sleep in case it happen again...  It happened around 4+ , I still remembered I dropped my phone down the bed because I was trembling. I kept checking my clock asking myself to get some sleep because I have to wake up at 7.30am for my early morning class. Note that I was REALLY tired from studying but I was SO AFRAID to sleep! In case that 'thing' comes back. At least if I'm awake I'm more brave and less vulnerable. That's how I felt. While I lie awake on my bed telling myself not be afraid and get some sleep, I heard sounds of wheels rolling outside the road, as if people are pulling their luggage when they walk past my window. It's common for students living in the hall to do that, except that this time it keeps repeating and it's in the middle of the night!!! I was very curious but I was too scared to poke my head out to see. 

I hugged my saru-chan and the bible which was next to me. I laughed at myself and said the 'Word' will protect me yet still feeling like a total chicken. The last time I remembered checking was 6.32am, I keep reciting this verse in my head "I will fear no evil as I walk through the valley of darkness because you are with me" it's from psalms I think. I slept for less than an hour and woke up by myself at 7.20+am ~ before my alarm go off. 

Waking up, I was still terrified thinking about it, because 2 weeks ago I had felt something holding my legs and there was a feeling of floating. I wasn't so scared at that time because it can be scientifically explainable (the floating or out of body experience) and I was so busy rushing off to London for London Anime Con. The grabbing could be due to hallucinations. Not to mention, remembering the so seems to be haunted photo I took during Hyper Japan didn't help at all. 

Actually I don't really want to remember what happened last night. I was trying to brush it off but I'm feeling very afraid to go to bed now so I thought I'll just blog it out and face my fear while waiting my pastorate leader to call me back. I just finished talking to her on the phone as I was writing the previous paragraph. I told her I'm too afraid to go to bed now. She prayed for me and told me these kind of spiritual attacks does happen but we should not be afraid. I'm still thinking whether it was my hallucinations or did I really felt that evil presence. I just know that I was so scared this morning and still am scared now, but I'm a bit calm now after talking to my pastorate group leader. 

Sorry it look like a super long post. Could have bored some people there as I don't have any pics for this post. I could put some pics here but I'm really not in the mood of finding out what that 'thing' could look like... I'm sure folklore somewhere has a name for it if this is a paranormal incident. I do know it's a common incident and scientist did try to explain it. I'm going to sleep now, really exhausted. Nites~ 

Panda eyed Moena, signing off~!


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