Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tinkerbella's Tale

One day, I found this mess on the floor next to my piano...


Out from the cage...AGAIN?!?!

The Tale of Tinkerbella

Once upon a time there live a hamster, her name is Tinkerbella who lives in a pink mansion and sleeps in her orange room. Her stepmother moena locks her in her room most of the time. Tinkerbella knows it's for her own safety but regardless, she still wants to escape.

(pink mansion = pink walls of my house, orage room = her cage) 

Tinkerbella, 1 year & 4 months old.

One night, the stepmother opens up the room door to give her some food for dinner. Because she was so absent minded and was rushing to go date with her Purpose Driven Life book, she forgot to stick the super big cello-tape back onto the door! 

Knowing that, Tinkerbella pretended nothing happens. When she hear her stepmother's footsteps disappear into the tower above, she quickly open the door to prepare her escape. Not only Tinkerbella manage to escape, she even pack up her food supplies which she puts in her pocket (mouth) for the long journey ahead.  

"YAY! I'm finally out!" says Tink. "First things first, I will go back to the corner which music is played often because I love to hear music." "And also, I need to let my stepmom know i'm out! No point being outside for few days without her knowing, where's the fun in that?"   

So the food were unloaded and Tink began her journey around the house. "Hi Mr. Lizard, how nice to meet you again, I finally manage to come out from my smelly room, my stepmom forgot to change my bedsheet last week." 
"Oh, how nice of you to come visit Tinkerbella" replies the lizard. "Let us know if you need some water, we know exactly where to get water at different hour of the day. Scouting is our speciality, we do it twice everyday and we even mark the place to prove that we've done duty."

"Oh, that's very nice of you Mr. Lizard" Tinkerbella beams happily. The first night she spend her time exploring the house. She even got to meet stepgrandad in the kitchen and play around at his toe while he washes the dishes. Next day, she was a bit bored with the house. She also got fed up of Mr. Lizard's cold jokes. 

That afternoon, the main door was opened. "Chansu da!" Tink dash with all her might and slide through the tiny gap. She was just a millimetre away from becoming a dead flattened body, like those she sees at door sides. She ran as light footed as possible, trying to avoid being seen or heard. She headed east towards the table which houses many recyclable stuffs. With those acting as stairs, she jumps from one to the other, pretending to be like an FF character attempting gap jumps. She then manage to slip in to the neighbour's house. 

"What a nice mansion this is! It's gloomy and dark!" Waw! Carpet at the living room! I have never sleep on a carpet before in my whole life!" 


Morning came. Tinkerbella opens her blur eyes and see a Giant looking at her. "Oh no! I know him before!" "He's the one who caught me last time, I'm not going to let him catch me this time!" The giant scope Tinkerbella up and then search for a box. He put her down for a little while to prepare the box but when he turn his head back, Tink was gone. 

Tink was running out of the house.  "Time to go home!" "But wait! There's no more stuffs here for me to climb back up the wall! I remember there used to be some here few months ago!" Tinkerbella started to panic. Suddenly, a hand from nowhere scoop down and carried her across the main gate and head towards her mansion. Tink was passed to her step-grandad and then was put back into her room. Tired from the few days of adventure, she was knocked off and slept for the whole afternoon till the night. When stepmother came to watch her after hearing she's back from step-grandad, Tinkerbella was seen drinking water with her eyes closed and she's actually laying on her bed while drinking. She must be really tired.

Stepmom gave her some special biscuits and seeds that are tastier than normal. Still tired, Tink use all the strength to sit up properly to eat those. Her eyes are still so tired which explains why her eyes are still closed when she's eating.

"I am one really lucky hamster!" thought Tinkerbella."Lucky to be alive that is!" the stepmother added. Tinkerbella grinned with her eyes closed and then fell asleep while holding her greentea Kuaci in her hand. "I'm so glad you're back. Goodnite Kush Kush", says her stepmom.


Hope you enjoy Tinkerbella's Tale. I'm getting sleepy now. Nite nite~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Massive Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan - Hope Ayaka and Hiro are safe!

I was surprised to get sms warnings of probable tsunami hitting our place due to what's happening in Japan. Well, Malaysia is far from Japan so we're still safe but my mom was very nervous. She even drop by at the supermarket to stock up some food and candles.

What was troubling me was the people in Japan... I know we all do. I'm not updated with the news because I don't have astro to watch CNN nor good enough antenna to watch TV. I only can depend on internet news which I'm not sure if it's accurate or not. It's really sad knowing that life is so brief, so short, and will just be swept away in an instant. "Well, all we can do is just pray for them". We all feel so hopeless. Many of us look towards Japan because we love their culture, anime, manga, cosplay, idols and bands, fashion, technology....u name it! We really love Japan!

I myself also hope Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka are alright. I'm sure most of you know these two too. Mizushima is the no.1 Ikemen in Japan and Ayaka one of the top singer in Japan. They got married in 22 Feb 2009 and I was so happy to hear that! I love both ayaka and mizushima even before they got married! Here's a picture of them together:

Alright, I know I should have thought about other citizens as well. Innocent lives, happy families torn. Somehow, part of me was really sad because I felt perhaps some of these happenings are a wakeup call or something for Japan or for the world. I know, I don't really want to mention this but there are lots of things which have crossed the line of morality branching out from Japan, or was it just because they are better at marketing. I'm not trying to judge or something, most of us who love Japan knows how to differentiate what is good and what is bad for us. But I'm sure other countries have issues like that too. Well, I am a very neutral person but somehow, things happen and I don't know if staying ignorant of things like that is a good thing? No one wants to be the bad teacher who scolds D:

What are those things I'm mentioning here you mean? Etto... uhm >.< You all should know why our government said anime are a bad influence to our society? Because those dirty minded people meant hentai anime =.= Maybe it's because those are the only anime that they themselves watch frequently? There are other things in Japan which depreciates morality and even the life there in Japan is insanely. Sometimes people no longer are sane in Japan. The life there (mostly in main cities) are getting too hectic and too stressful. Lots of working people no longer know how to live life, no longer know what is the purpose of living. Price of things go up and people work from morning to midnight. It's like a rat race there and this caused many people to go crazy and indulge in inhuman activities and unhealthy lifestyle. There's even people who doesn't socialise anymore and only live with 2D characters. I know this is their choice and I myself understand very well about this kind of feelings. I'm not saying it is wrong, it's just very painful to hear it or even to see it. Not by me but by our creator. People may not believe in God but there is a God who created us. And he is watching us.

Not convinced? Then do you believe there are ghosts or spirits? If you believe, then why cant you believe there is a God? Because he doesn't appear in front of you? Our creator dislike evil things and immorality. But we are only people who sway easily and get tempted by sin and by the worldly things. Do not indulge yourself  too much in things that doesn't have real meaning. What is life? What is our purpose? Take this time to rethink. Do you want to devote your whole life in things that doesn't respond back to you? Things that cannot help you grow in spirit and wisdom? They may not mean a lot now but when the time comes, what is pass is pass, your actions will affect your future. Know your limits, be balanced and be answerable to God and be responsible of yourself. Don't get mad at me for saying this, I'm just saying that it's time to think properly and know our priorities, you still can continue liking your hobbies and stuffs, just don't go towards the extreme until you forgot to live your life, the way our Loving God wants you to. If you sincerely seek the Lord with all your heart and call up to him, even though you call Him only when you are in trouble, He will come and but don't mistook it for coincidence as he will be angry, anyone would feel the same way isn't it? And the next time he wouldn't even bother to come save you if you don't thank him or appreciate his help ;p And don't forget to keep on believing and loving him when He had helped you. Why? Because you are created to do so. And also He is someone who first love you and will return His love if you start loving him :)

Seek and you will find. When you are lost, He is there.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yummy Breakfast~!

My breakfast!!! I really like eating like that, it's easy to make and delicious! I LOVE bun buns! Tuna bun, corn mayo bun and dried meat bun (bak kua)!

Still hungry so I'll have a piece of papaya. Good for digestion!

Still hungry? Yougurt time! 

WUAH...Yummy! :D~~~ Someone dear bought this for me ^_^ 

Talking about yogurt, it reminds me of that chinese yogurt song. Anyone here knows the title of that song?

Monthly Injections - Scary Scar Keloid Disaster D:

Last year I decided to do something about my keloid, due to the fact that I am beginning to be more conscious about my outward appearance. Why? Because of the LOVE for cosplay >v< You see, this keloid bump is gonna make picture look inaccurate if I dress up as sleeveless characters. Plus, it's getting bigger :( 

What is keloid actually?
To be simple, keloids or keloidal scars are actually firm, smooth, hard growth of skin tissues. They can arise soon after injury or develop months later. It is not known why they appear. My doctor says Asians tend to get keloids more often than Westerns. Probably due to genetics differences. While most people never get keloids, others can get them easily after minor injuries. Even insect bites or pimples can give prone people keloids! Keloids are said to be fibrotic tumours... scary eh? But rest assured, they are never malignant. It means that they are benign tumours (non-cancerous cells).

So WHERE, WHEN, and HOW did I get my keloid? Flash back to Primary One...
It's because of the injections the government made it compulsory for primary 1 students. Perhaps I tightened my muscles to bravely receive those 3 shots and somehow injure the skin tissue around the area? Or... maybe because I simply ate food, causing the scar to swell and turn scary ^^" It didn't really bother me when I was young besides the occasionally painful and itchy moments. And when someone hit my arm it hurts a lot but it's bearable. But when I grew older, I notice the pains are getting more frequent and the scar keeps growing. It still hurts when I was given a slap at that part or when loved ones touched that when hugging me. That's when I try to learn what it was and discovered it's a keloid. I did some study on it but only few years ago did I went and ask the doctor about it. Doctor told me a few options. I chickened out when he mentioned surgery or injections so I ran away and didn't confront him any more about my keloid. 

But last year, I decided to do something about it. Sacrificing for cosplay XD Because I'm scared of pains, doc asked me to try Mederma gel for a couple of months. Well, it didn't do any good because my scar was too mature. No change at all. This year I went back to see him. We decided to do the scary injections >.< 

Name of Treatment:
Corticosteroid Injection (repeated every few weeks) combined with Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen spray)

Starting from February last month, I was given 10+ shots on my keloid. Dr. Sidhu even asked his nurse Kolorine to hold my hand as he sprayed it with liquid nitrogen and then do the injections directly T.T It was tremendously painful!!!! Imagine just touching my keloid stings already! Injecting so many injection shots on that spot was extremely PAINFUL!!!

I refused to cry but my eyes went a bit teary. Doc was proud of me and said I was taking it well :)  It hurts A LOT after the analgesic wears off. I had to keep taking panadol throughout the day and when I go to sleep I have to be careful of my scar. The pain lasted for 2 days. After the first treatment, I noticed the scar  was slightly flatten and softened, but the itchiness and the occasional pain became very frequent. I just have to bear with it. 

 Doc took a picture of my scar before he starts the treatment.

 Few hours after the treatment...ugh, the blood stains from the injection.

Happy with the result of the first treatment, this morning I went back to see doc again. I agreed to continue the monthly treatment and became fearful as he prepares the equipments for the treatment. He keeps teasing me and calls me a scary cat >.<  As usual, he offered to borrow me his nurse so that I can hold her hands for comfort :)
This time i forgot to take a before picture because I didn't bring my cam.

Wrapped up for a whole day
This time it's about 6 shots. Not as painful as the first time.

All wrapped up and ready for a bath! XD

I feel weird revealing this important part of me that I normally hide in my pictures (photoedit :p). I decided to post it anyway because I hope this information could be useful to other keloid suffers out there. The treatment is not as expensive as I thought it was. Sorry I cant reveal the price because it's private and confidential. This treatment can be done at SMC with Dr. Sidhu the skin specialist there. 

Goodnite minna~! See you guys at Kirameki Cafe tomorrow!