Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Massive Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan - Hope Ayaka and Hiro are safe!

I was surprised to get sms warnings of probable tsunami hitting our place due to what's happening in Japan. Well, Malaysia is far from Japan so we're still safe but my mom was very nervous. She even drop by at the supermarket to stock up some food and candles.

What was troubling me was the people in Japan... I know we all do. I'm not updated with the news because I don't have astro to watch CNN nor good enough antenna to watch TV. I only can depend on internet news which I'm not sure if it's accurate or not. It's really sad knowing that life is so brief, so short, and will just be swept away in an instant. "Well, all we can do is just pray for them". We all feel so hopeless. Many of us look towards Japan because we love their culture, anime, manga, cosplay, idols and bands, fashion, technology....u name it! We really love Japan!

I myself also hope Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka are alright. I'm sure most of you know these two too. Mizushima is the no.1 Ikemen in Japan and Ayaka one of the top singer in Japan. They got married in 22 Feb 2009 and I was so happy to hear that! I love both ayaka and mizushima even before they got married! Here's a picture of them together:

Alright, I know I should have thought about other citizens as well. Innocent lives, happy families torn. Somehow, part of me was really sad because I felt perhaps some of these happenings are a wakeup call or something for Japan or for the world. I know, I don't really want to mention this but there are lots of things which have crossed the line of morality branching out from Japan, or was it just because they are better at marketing. I'm not trying to judge or something, most of us who love Japan knows how to differentiate what is good and what is bad for us. But I'm sure other countries have issues like that too. Well, I am a very neutral person but somehow, things happen and I don't know if staying ignorant of things like that is a good thing? No one wants to be the bad teacher who scolds D:

What are those things I'm mentioning here you mean? Etto... uhm >.< You all should know why our government said anime are a bad influence to our society? Because those dirty minded people meant hentai anime =.= Maybe it's because those are the only anime that they themselves watch frequently? There are other things in Japan which depreciates morality and even the life there in Japan is insanely. Sometimes people no longer are sane in Japan. The life there (mostly in main cities) are getting too hectic and too stressful. Lots of working people no longer know how to live life, no longer know what is the purpose of living. Price of things go up and people work from morning to midnight. It's like a rat race there and this caused many people to go crazy and indulge in inhuman activities and unhealthy lifestyle. There's even people who doesn't socialise anymore and only live with 2D characters. I know this is their choice and I myself understand very well about this kind of feelings. I'm not saying it is wrong, it's just very painful to hear it or even to see it. Not by me but by our creator. People may not believe in God but there is a God who created us. And he is watching us.

Not convinced? Then do you believe there are ghosts or spirits? If you believe, then why cant you believe there is a God? Because he doesn't appear in front of you? Our creator dislike evil things and immorality. But we are only people who sway easily and get tempted by sin and by the worldly things. Do not indulge yourself  too much in things that doesn't have real meaning. What is life? What is our purpose? Take this time to rethink. Do you want to devote your whole life in things that doesn't respond back to you? Things that cannot help you grow in spirit and wisdom? They may not mean a lot now but when the time comes, what is pass is pass, your actions will affect your future. Know your limits, be balanced and be answerable to God and be responsible of yourself. Don't get mad at me for saying this, I'm just saying that it's time to think properly and know our priorities, you still can continue liking your hobbies and stuffs, just don't go towards the extreme until you forgot to live your life, the way our Loving God wants you to. If you sincerely seek the Lord with all your heart and call up to him, even though you call Him only when you are in trouble, He will come and but don't mistook it for coincidence as he will be angry, anyone would feel the same way isn't it? And the next time he wouldn't even bother to come save you if you don't thank him or appreciate his help ;p And don't forget to keep on believing and loving him when He had helped you. Why? Because you are created to do so. And also He is someone who first love you and will return His love if you start loving him :)

Seek and you will find. When you are lost, He is there.

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