Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Heroic Dog & Magical Rabbit

OHAYOU!!!!! Oh yes I'm back!!! >v

Today I am going to share my dream with everyone! I seriously have no idea how did all my dream come about, but I do feel lucky to have such creative dream, it makes me feel like I'm watching a nice movie, with me as one of the actress, even cooler!!! (≧∇≦)

Well, my dream started off a bit eerie, with adventures around car factories and business cases. I don't quite remember that part though. It get interesting when I'm walking along the street of a beautiful town, with houses that has wedges instead of tall gates, just like those american housing area. 

All those houses were painted white, really very pretty with lovely garden. I was walking a bulldog, seems to be mine, somewhat small to medium sized, like tis: 

I was not a person who fancy bulldog, but I soon fell in love with this cute little one. You see, as I was walking him along the street, we saw a rabbit being stuck in a tumble weed in the middle of the road. I was stunned as I saw a car driving quite fast towards the rabbit!!!

I know I wouldn't have enough time to run there and save the poor little rabbit, but my little dog just ran out to the road and pull the white rabbit out of the tumble weed and carry the rabbit to me. They just managed to escape and I breath a sigh of relief as I see the red car crushing only the tumble weed. 

The white rabbit was grateful to us so she brought us to her home to meet her owner. Her house was huge and beautiful. The outside look something like the White House. Inside, there were so many plushies and fluffy stuffs. When we reach there, the lady owner doesn't seem to want to entertain us. Looking like a queen in a fantasy like outfit, she totally ignored us D:

Being apologetic, the rabbit said she will travel with me and my bulldog instead since her owner doesn't seem to care about her anymore. We were hanging out at the neighbourhood and we met an old couple. They were suffering from osteoarthritis but they really wanted to join the dancing at a ball. No matter how rich they are, they still couldn't find any cure for it (seems like in the dream we didn't thought about taking pain killers like Celebrex or Arcoxia ^^"). 

They were so sad and feel so down that we decided to help them find a solution. My rabbit wink at us and announced "I know just the right thing to help you two, just don't move no matter what happens." Within a split second, rabbit bit them!!! I Still remember the scary image of rabbit sinking its claw and tooth on them. My eyes were WIDE OPEN WITH SHOCK!!!!!

To our surprise, those two elders became shorter and younger, they still have the old look in their faces, they just look a bit more like...... ugh, these images are gonna spoil your eyes 

The old man became like Foxy

And the old lady look like Ivankov.

What a great couple! Luckily those two elders didn't mind their change of looks. Both of them were so happy after the hormone injection by rabbit that they keep dancing up and down in the garden with their new look, new body and new costume! They said farewell to us and hop on their pumpkin carriage and headed towards the ball for more dancing. What a happy ending! PFFT!!!! My GOODNESS!!! Okay I cant help it, I was laughing out loud with bulldog. We asked rabbit, what kind of favour is that? Rabbit just said we need some entertainment in life, and she did give those two a healthy body didn't she?

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!! Hope you didn't find my weird dream too WEIRD XD

Jya, mata ne~