Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Kirameki ★Maid & Cosplay★ Cafe

Do you know? There's a maid cafe in Sabah, Malaysia, that has maids serving customers as master & mistress? It was officially launched since 18th Sept 2010 and even @home cafe, one of Japan's top maid cafe knew about our existence! Just to clear some doubts, Kirameki Cafe is not affiliated with @home cafe. Nonetheless, we are nakamas! ><

Wishes from Zam-sama & Meido Hitomi all the way from @home cafe in Akihabara

"Okaerinasai-mase goshujin-sama / ojou-sama" is what you would hear when you step into the cafe. It means Welcome home master / mistress" It's delighting to see some goshujin-sama & ojou-sama says "tadaima" which means "I'm home" ^-^

The Moe Moe Omu Rice is favourite among customers. Mostly because you get to request the meido to draw or write something on it using ketchup~! It's even done in front of you and then she'll perform a Moe Beam on it to make the omu rice more delicious! :D~

A rabbit drawn with love by Meido Airin (a.k.a. IRTea)

There are different types of "ai-kome" in Kirameki Cafe. Meidos will teach you the steps of the requested ai-kome, then all the goshujin-sama & ojou-sama at the same table would need to follow and chant the ai-kome together in order for the moe magic to work~! Moe Beam normally comes with Moe Moe Omu Rice~ but goshujin-sama & ojou-sama can request other ai-kome if they want it on their other snacks or drinks. For more information about what other ai-kome available, you will have to come home to Kirameki Cafe more often to find out! ^-^

If you wanna take pictures with the Maids at Kirameki Cafe, there's a 'Polaroid/Cheki' service available. Tell the meido in charge and they will arrange it for you. The maid you take your photo with will decorate it nicely with love just for you~

A polaroid taken on Usa-Pyon day with Cubex-sama ^-^

Kirameki Cafe hosts special gatherings and have special themed days each month. You will have to keep updated with Kirameki Cafe facebook and blog to catch it! You might even be able to see the meidos dressed in different outfits in one of those days~! Be sure to request a cheki during those rare occasions!

Some people find it hard to locate the cafe so i'm putting the address here:

Kirameki Cafe
Lot 92a & 93, Star City Link Bridge,
Asia City, Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
It's behind Wagamama / Wojamama. Ask the info counter if you still cant find it ^^"

Let's all have fun at Kirameki Cafe ne~ ♥

~ღ~Meido Moena signing off!~ღ~


Rare Meido Nifty

I was sorting out some files and I came upon this pic of Meido Nifty I edited for fun months ago. FYI, Meido Nifty appeared only during the official opening of Kirameki Cafe (18th September 2010). She has long black hair and natural big beautiful eyes *kira* *kira*
Good things should be shared ◕‿‿◠ hope she doesn't kill me after she sees me post this pic! ≧∀≦

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreams Come True!

When I was young, these are just dreams that are impossible to come true for me.


Big Ben!

The real place where they film Harry Potter!!!



I even met Woody there!!!

Today, thinking about it drive me to tears. God is so good! I love you heavenly father! ^-^❤