Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Changing a Regular Sim To a Micro Sim Card

Oh yay! Now you got your iphone 4s, you're ready to turn it on~! Okay, it's on! Apple phones actually contains battery when they are still new? How convenient! You get to play it immediately instead of waiting for a new phone to charge up!

Oh, now your phone ask you to insert sim card... 

I took out my sim card from my old HTC phone and tried to insert it into my iphone....





It doesn't fit?!?!?!?

I I I... want to play with it immediately T_T 

At a lost of direction, I ventured into the realm of database to consult with the Legendary Wise Google for solutions...

His answer was....

'Big things can be small'

'Oh, what does that mean oh wise ojii-san?' 


After acquiring the particular skill, I teleported back to my own world to solve my quest.

First I must acquire the correct materials!

Task 1: Collect a pair of scissors, a knife cutter, a ruler, and a mechanical pencil

Uh, I can't find a cutter... never mind, skip that :P


Now for Task 2: Draw the outline for cutting... 

Task 3: CUT CUT CUT!!!

Here I come sim card! prepare to be cut down!

There's no turning back now...

The body parts of my sim card...

Okay, insert into phone...




'No sim card detected'


NOOOO~~~~ dun die!!!!

my credit and my phone number is at stake!

I'd have to go to the shop tomorrow and risk having the shop attendant laughing at my stupidity =.="

No!!! That would be so embarrassing!!!!

Wait, maybe something is wrong?

Flip it over and cut until it fits...

There! A bit too small vertically but as long as it can go in, worth a try.

Alright, let's go for broke!

 YES!!! It worked!!!!!!!!!!! 

ヽ(;▽;)ノ <---- Tears of relief

Suddenly, I feel like a Tensai! Nahahahahaha! *laughing like Hanamichi*

Ok, I'm sorry, I'll stop now :X

I hope this lousy tutorial may help someone out there who can't wait to play with their iphone while forgetting to get a micro sim card to go with it. 

WARNING: Cut at your own RISK!
I think it's safer to get your normal sim card changed at your phone operator shop.
To be honest, I'm very scared to attempt it myself but I can't wait to use it! Plus the shop may charge me money for changing to a micro sim card (super stingy ^^").

For those who want to try cutting a normal sim card into the size of a micro sim card,

✾✾✾✾ Good Luck~! ✾✾✾✾
You'll need it! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surprise Present

A parcel arrived today!!!!!

Medium sized parcel. Hmm... it's from my bf. He did say he wanted to send me something, plus I've requested him to send me some cartridges for my printer.

The smell was very strong once I opened the tape, ugh! What's that smell?

Oh shoot! Something spilled inside! Seems like my bf sent me a bottle of 'mou san you' ointment! Ah seems like only 3% was spilled, nothing serious but boy was the smell STRONG!!! 

Just because I said I don't have any the other day he immediately sent me one~! Aww so considerate~ ♡

However I was frantic at that moment! The ointment was all over in the pink package! That's supposed to be my birthday gift right?!?!? *wipe wipe wipe*


Getting excited to unwrap the present! I wonder what's inside? Why so small? *Shake shake*... hmm, quite heavy... it must be chocolates!!!! :D~ 

(Yes, unfortunately I think of food most of the time XD)

Let's unwrap it...

I took a peek when the present paper was slightly opened at the corner...


I threw the package away

'What did I just saw?!?!?!'

(I seriously almost have a heart attack!)

'Is it what I think it is?'

'Argh, I need to be sure!' 

*tears the whole thing*

- Epic music in background -

*blink blink*

~ Moena found a card and an iphone 4s ~

 EH?!?! *check inventory to confirm*

*points cursor at item.... *

Woah! It's the real deal! 

 I'm so touched by the message in the card ;_;

Looking at the phone... my face is blank again.... blur for a moment...

I feel bad accepting something so expensive 

I don't really know how I feel....

but I know my how my HTC feel~ 

HTC: 'Sh*t I'm being looked down at!' ಠ_ಠ

Say hello to my new gadget~! 

First thing first~! 

Need to equip it with some armor for protection...


There goes all my cute stickers

I don't have any casing because this is so sudden, so the snoopy stickers can protect the phone for now >v<

Actually I'm really happy o(^▽^)o

because iPhone is something I will not buy for myself even if I have the money because I am very stingy towards myself ^-^" 

and he knows that!

 I did not expect this day to happen so fast! >///<  It's a sign that my bf is becoming more dependable and is showing me that he can take care of me. Just a year ago he was still a student but now he is working so hard each day and doing well in his career.

♥♥♥♥ Thank you Bao Bei! ♥♥♥♥

Saturday, June 23, 2012

- My Birthday 2012 -


Early in the morning, my Pickles woke me up and surprised me with a birthday card~!
Aww... Little Miss Sunshine card~ 

She told me she's Little Miss Busy. She even showed me the clip on youtube about that character, lolz!  By the way, I call my sis Pickles and she calls me Mina-chan ^ ◡ ^

This card comes with a badge

Birthday Breakfast! Nothing special but I enjoyed it :) There's some leftover sushi from the day before, peach, mango, scones, and chocolates!
Scones~~~These are really delicious! Pickles got it from somewhere that's really famous for it, I forgot the name already. It's nothing like the cheap supermarket ones that I'm so scared of XD
Actually today Pickles is supposed to bring me to Alton towers to play! It's a theme park nearby. But unfortunately, it rained T_T

So, during noon time I helped Pickles to clean her house. We also went Sainsbury's and Aldi to get  some ingredients for tomorrow. We even got lots of ice-creams! 

Later we went bowling with friends to make up for the Alton Tower...

By the way, I'm not a good bowler O_O" I think I'm going to embarrass myself >.<;

Ok, let's get the bowling game started~! Oh wait, what is this?
Woah~ a 4 star dragon ball!
Wah, all so pro!

I'm the last for both games! Eh! Same score summore!

Although I got the lowest score, think I bowl quite well today... compared to the last time which was about 50 plus points ^^"

Later we played pool as well as this little machine here:

This is one supper addictive machine... I wasted lots of 10p here! :X
 I think I have to stay far far away from this kind of machine next time...

Next stop, dinner time at T.G.I. Friday~! Yipee~ This is my first time going to TGIF!

There were a lot of people that, perhaps it was a weekend? We were asked to wait 30 minutes which seem like an hour... We were given this while we wait, I'm so curious with this thing...
I got bored of the beeper and then set my eyes on this! Wowzers! It's a Harley Davidson! They use it as a decor? OMG

 After I got bored of the bike, I ran around looking at the interior design. The decorations were amazing! I had to take pictures of them! 

See~ Cool right!

 I ordered an OREO Milkshake! It was so delicious! 

The starter and meals we had.
By the way, I took a photo of everyone's dish except mine! I forgot to take a picture of my super rib dish!!! D: Obviously I'm in a hurry to dig in! It was really a superb dinner! 

After we finished our meal, something happened.... Suddenly it was all a blur! I remembered something like one of the staff came up to me and asked me to stand up on the chair! O_O" In my head I was like 'Did I do something wrong? Why are you punishing me?' 

Turns out, the waiters at TGIF wanted to sing their special birthday song to me! And I was presented with the birthday cake! Although I was really embarrassed... I was really touched~ 

The service at TGIF is really good, the waiters are really polite and considerate. They still pay lots of attention to you even though the whole place was quite crowded!

What a wonderful celebration~! 

Oh wait, there's still more~ 

✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾


BBQ time~!

My relatives came to celebrate my birthday with me at my sis' place. BBQ is really fun! Except it rained occasionally so we kept running in and out the house, lolz! 

My cute aunty~!

My aunt and uncle got this ultimate cupcake for me~! ♥ The candle can even sing by itself! So cool! (☆∀☆)゚  


yum yum~!

WOW!!! :D~~~

Burger patties underneath!

Gifts I got from my cousin and my other aunt.

This post explained my fat fat tummy right now...hahaha! 

We did team up for Mario on Wii to exercise our fingers! LOLZ!

After my relatives and friends left, Pickles and I played Mario until midnight... It was so much fun! Then we chatted about games on the bed before we sleep... We reminiscent our young gaming times - we talked about Diablo I, II, and I told her how I was so sad I couldn't play III with my current laptop. She even remembered I was so fond of Icewind dale! Eventually the disc got faulty and I never finished the game, I kept re-playing it until it reaches the faulty part. Aww I miss that game now! I still remember I named those characters Xena, Gabriel, and Hercules! It's a game that plays with six characters which gets too confusing and the characters will run by themselves and get killed sometimes =.=

Thanks to my lovely sis who organised and planned everything for me to have a great birthday weekend!

✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾

Oh ya, this is from last year's birthday but I've never really posted it yet! I was too busy that time, eheh. Book Town took this photo and gave it to me as a birthday present last year:

TaDa~!!! Airin as Miku!!!! ♥  ♥   ♥  
(I edited the lighting a bit)

Good things must be shared(♡´∀`♡)Thanks Eva! 

~ Ciao ~

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Birthday Gift ~ Cosplay Gen#05


Owkay, I know I'm not supposed to be here (with my homework pile at the corner) BUT!

I'm too happy and over the moon~!!!! 

Well, I was feeling a bit sad while leaving Birmingham to come back to my new place in Oxford (still needs so much unpacking and cleaning to do). It feels so homey in Birmingham with my sis that I felt so lonely and sad to return to Oxford.... I didn't know if I have the strength to work hard in my tough study here and to live alone all by myself. And so yesterday night and this morning I prayed earnestly for happy days and strength to face another day.

And look what arrived at the post when I went back to check on my old place! Prayers answered!

My hands were shaking!  This is not supposed to arrive at my old address! Way back in April I've already asked them to send it to Birmingham since I knew that I will be moving in June. In my head I was thinking, 'what if I didn't go back to my old place to check the post?' 'Did this happened by coincidence to cheer me up?' But I want to think it was God's plan! 

Super happy!!!! My very own copy of Cosplay Gen #05

This was my first time buying a book so expensive that is not study related. I have this weird logic that spending RM300 on study material or reference book is OK but spending >RM10 on a magazine is a foolish waste of money even though it's for myself =.=" My stupid logic had also forbid me to buy lots of things that I really wanted but don't really need like figurines T.T So, I had to make an excuse to buy it, for my birthday! Hah! Debating with the voice from inside... gosh how annoying!

It came with free stickers!

Saw some familiar names inside! Hexlord won the photography contest with a photo on Lucy (cosplayed by Byou) taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

And Shiro Ang's photography advice. His photos always bombard my FB homepage coz it's so amazing!

Next time then only I will blog about how I spend my birthday... Since my happy mood is back, I have to get some things done or else I will feel guilty to my inner conscience! LOLZ! 

Oh ya, before I go away, I've been wanting to express my joy and gratitude to all my family, friends, or just people who only know me by name in the virtual world but has made a difference to my birthday this year by sending me a simple birthday wish! All of them count and mattered to me! Thank you all!!!!

~ Have a nice day minna ~


Monday, June 11, 2012

MCM EXPO London 2012

It's time for MCM EXPO London~ May 26-27, 2012. Hordes of people had gathered at ExCel London because of their love for anime, games, manga, cosplays, and most importantly, FUN!

I was a bit late with the post ^^"

The journey to ExCel was a bit long from Victoria Station, where I usually stop whenever I take the coach to London. My journey was 3 hours long. It was so amazing as I boarded the tube to get there and at the platform when I'm supposed to change to DLR. There it is! Expo fans in costumes, cute accessories and some with neko mimi can be spotted! I was so excited! 

On the way walking to the Expo, I saw some an Avenger cosplay group near the entrance! Lucky! I manage to get a shot of them:

The weather was so hot! It's summer now I guess, kinda good for me since my costume was thin. But I still feel very hot because my wig was so thick and long.

I specifically choose a simple cosplay for events around here, easier to wear and bring around. I came up with another Orihime outfit ^-^ This time it's the outfit from Bleach Opening 10: Shojo S by Scandal, an outfit which my friend suggested many years ago since the episode with this song just aired.

I got in line to get my tickets and it took me about 45 minutes! I spend my time there in the queue admiring other cosplayers' costumes as well as pose for some orihime lovers, lolz! 

The long queue

After coming out from the ticket selling area, I was out around searching for my friend when Orihime bumped into herself! XD This is Mariana in Orihime's arrancar uniform. She is so creative in making this costume she only did it in a very short time!
We had the same hairpins! >v<

When I went into the exhibition area, this is the first thing I see... *eyes wide open*

YAOI stuffs for sale.
No no! Don't get me wrong, I'm not into this kind of stuffs! :X

Finally I found Tidie~! She's cosplaying as Chibi Igirisu-chan from Hetalia~ It's her first time trying to sew her own costume. She even cut the hair herself! So happy to be able to see her grow in cosplaying.. eh? wat am I talking about? I sound like an old aunty! XD  
Eh? Our pose looks so familiar :P

Her character is Chibi Igirisu (England) from Hetalia. She is so fond of men in uniforms, ahaha!

Yuffie and... Reno!!! ♥
Now now, it's not because of the uniform, it's because of the red hair XD

Selphie and Rikku

A very sweet Tifa~

Gippal and Rikku in mage outfit?

Gigantic Pikachu!

A really pretty Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny~!

Ace from One Piece.

And later I met his little brother, Luffy! 

I also met a celebrity there! It's Soul King!!!!! He even have the heart shape specs! Aww~ In case you were wondering who's Soul King, he's actually Brook from One Piece, yohohohoho! 

Erza, Lucy, and Cana from Fairytail.

Johnny Depp! Ops, wait I mean Jack Sparrow, tee hee...

Loki and Thor, gender bender :3
The girl in pink has a mask that looks like Nanika from HXH. 

Met Homura in the toilet.

Neytiri from Avatar.

Cloud in Kingdom Hearts version.

Beautiful Belle.

Kaoru and Hikaru

Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai~! Honey senpai actually gave me a white rose after I ask him for a picture...

Aww... Honey-senpai, so cute of her him ♥♥♥

By the way, this is my cosplay~ I forgot to take a proper picture at the event with my own camera ^^;

The cosplay Masquerade competition was really long. There's a huge line of cosplays and they're so amazing! What I love about this event is that there's a cosplay area with changing rooms and fixing booth where people can get their costumes fixed if there's any problems. Even though I didn't really use it but I find it really helpful for cosplayers with costumes going wrong and I know how that feel.  There's also various performances or shows at different stage so you wouldn't get bored. There's so many cute things and anime related stuffs for sale. I really wanted that Boa Hancock mouse pad but I was too shy to get it. There were also a lot Avengers cosplays since the movie just came out. I also liked those gender bender cosplays where they showcased their awesome creativity!

I really had an eye opening day at MCM Expo London. It was really great being able to see Tidie again and go see all the beautiful and amazing costumes made by dedicated fans. There are more pics at my Facebook album, especially those stage shots with cool armours and weapons, but they're a bit blurry. Feel free to tag yourself or your friends if you recognise them~!

I think probably this is my last expo in UK, but I really hope not! Hopefully I will change my mind but for now I need to concentrate on my studies and other things. Plus I don't really have any costumes ready anymore, eheh! ^^" You see, most of my wigs are shipped back to KK so that I don't have to worry about having too many things to carry after my studies. And I wanted to stick to my cosplay plans but that's the problem, the fabrics that I bought are also in KK >.< Oh well~ I'll just have to resist!!!!

I'm really sad that I can't go to AFA Malaysia D: Kaname was spotted with red hair!!!! :X Tasha and Miyuko from spcats where there as well, not to mention, lovely Ki-chan was the meido at MMK!!!! I really want to see her! >v<

Hope you guys in Malaysia are having fun~! I'm stalking photos of Kyan!me and AFA Malaysia now (-^∀°-) Wish I could be there with my friends! Miss them a lots! 

Take care minna~!