Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Changing a Regular Sim To a Micro Sim Card

Oh yay! Now you got your iphone 4s, you're ready to turn it on~! Okay, it's on! Apple phones actually contains battery when they are still new? How convenient! You get to play it immediately instead of waiting for a new phone to charge up!

Oh, now your phone ask you to insert sim card... 

I took out my sim card from my old HTC phone and tried to insert it into my iphone....





It doesn't fit?!?!?!?

I I I... want to play with it immediately T_T 

At a lost of direction, I ventured into the realm of database to consult with the Legendary Wise Google for solutions...

His answer was....

'Big things can be small'

'Oh, what does that mean oh wise ojii-san?' 


After acquiring the particular skill, I teleported back to my own world to solve my quest.

First I must acquire the correct materials!

Task 1: Collect a pair of scissors, a knife cutter, a ruler, and a mechanical pencil

Uh, I can't find a cutter... never mind, skip that :P


Now for Task 2: Draw the outline for cutting... 

Task 3: CUT CUT CUT!!!

Here I come sim card! prepare to be cut down!

There's no turning back now...

The body parts of my sim card...

Okay, insert into phone...




'No sim card detected'


NOOOO~~~~ dun die!!!!

my credit and my phone number is at stake!

I'd have to go to the shop tomorrow and risk having the shop attendant laughing at my stupidity =.="

No!!! That would be so embarrassing!!!!

Wait, maybe something is wrong?

Flip it over and cut until it fits...

There! A bit too small vertically but as long as it can go in, worth a try.

Alright, let's go for broke!

 YES!!! It worked!!!!!!!!!!! 

ヽ(;▽;)ノ <---- Tears of relief

Suddenly, I feel like a Tensai! Nahahahahaha! *laughing like Hanamichi*

Ok, I'm sorry, I'll stop now :X

I hope this lousy tutorial may help someone out there who can't wait to play with their iphone while forgetting to get a micro sim card to go with it. 

WARNING: Cut at your own RISK!
I think it's safer to get your normal sim card changed at your phone operator shop.
To be honest, I'm very scared to attempt it myself but I can't wait to use it! Plus the shop may charge me money for changing to a micro sim card (super stingy ^^").

For those who want to try cutting a normal sim card into the size of a micro sim card,

✾✾✾✾ Good Luck~! ✾✾✾✾
You'll need it! :)

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  1. Same thing happen to me. Aiya but I'm not gonna risk cutting my sim. I think I'll just go to the shop and request to change sim orz