Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Enter Into Bleachverse

Bleach is one of my all time favorite anime, I feel like I've been growing up with it! LOLZ! Been with it for 5-6 years! The drawing, storyline, the many unique characters, and the anime's creativity all adds up attracting me to this anime. I'm a bit picky with anime at that time but this one easily caught my attention. Not to mention, they have the most awesome songs by numerous famous artist! Well there are some glitches and flaws in the plot but overall it's in one of my top 5 favorite anime list ^-^ 

I watch Anime when I eat my meals :)

I know I'm a bit lagging behind in the episodes - was waiting for it to pile up. Now I'm able to enjoy few episodes a day without trying to flip my table upside down whenever I have to wait a whole week for it to air.

Now, shall we have a tour in Bleach の世界 ?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

One day, you found yourself as transfer student in Karakura Highschool.

And somehow you end up in the same class as Ichigo, Ishida, Chado, Mizuiru and Keigo. You were sitting in front of Chad and they seem to be making lots of noise behind so you turned around and look at them.

Keigo was grabbing Ichigo while saying to you: "Hey, transfer student! Make sure you don't piss off this orange haired deliquent. He is the scariest one in the whole school. Don't let his dumbness fool you. 

Ishida: "Aren't you the one pissing him off now?"
You muttered: "Err... thanks for the advice. I'll be careful not to talk to him." You blushed and quickly turn back towards the front of the class as you don't really know how to react, and you realised you've just muttered something stupid and regretted it. 

Ichigo: "Oi Keigo, stop scaring our new transfer student like that!" Ichigo jumps out of Keigo's grasp and  walked to the front of your table. "Ano...please don't believe what Keigo said, my name is Kurosaki Ichigo. Nice to meet you, please let me know if anyone bullies you in school since you're new and you look err...etto, how should I put it..."

"Shy and fragile." Ishida push his megane up and ended the sentence for him.

You look down to your desk and avoided ichigo's eyes, because you felt uneasy with those few guys staring towards you from the back, and the fact that Ichigo is talking to you so sincerely is not helping. You just want to be invinsible. And you were so embarrassed that what Ishida said was head on! So you just knod your head once and somehow shrink a bit, intimidated by ichigo's presence.  

Mizuiro: "Ichigo, aren't you the one scaring her now?" 

Chad knod once in agreement.

Ichigo look bewildered. "Mou!!!" (means fed up). "Will you guys drop it already?"

RINGGGG************** It's lunch time! 

Maybe they will rush off to lunch and forget about me.

And true to your thoughts, as your eyes were still on the desk, you heard the moving of chairs indicating they are leaving. Ishida spoke before the ringing even end, "Ichigo, let's go before all the good food gets taken. Or did your sister Yuzu-chan make any bento for you today?"

"Nope, she wasn't feeling so well yesterday so I told her I'll get my own lunch and prohibit her from waking up early today." Ichigo replied with soft words. You thought to yourself, this person is such a kind brother, wish you had one like him too.

Keigo: "Then what are we waiting for, let's go~!"

The rest of them headed for the classroom door while Ichigo called up to them, "Go ahead without me, I'll catch up later"

Ishida thought. 'Always the good guy eh'. "We'll see ya later". And they were gone, except the orange hair dude who is still staring at you.

"Ano   your name  -san, would you like to join me and my friends for lunch at the cafeteria? Since you're not familiar with any other classmates yet."

"Uhm,.. sumimasen, I brought my own bento today, I was thinking of eating in the garden." You are uneasy with guys, so you'd naturally avoid them.

"Sou ka." and he suddenly shouted, "Inoue, are you girls going down to the garden?" 

"Unhu" She nods merrily as she looks at Ichigo. "Well, bring her along will ya?" 

"Hai hai" Answered the girls.

- At the Garden -

Lunch break~ You're happy to have lunch with the girls from the class. Hmm, looking across to Orihime's bento, ah! Sausage with dark brown and clear yellow sauce? Your eyes stared at it for a moment wondering what is it and how does it taste like. 

Orihime either read your mind or noticed you were looking intensely at her sausage. "Nee~   your name   -san, would you like to try one of my sausage? It's really nice, I invented the recipe myself, it's sausage with chocolate and honey!"

You gulp and decline due to politeness. 

"Eh, you don't have to be shy   your name   -san. Here~" Orihime picked up the sausage with her chopsticks and leaned nearer to you. "Ahhh~!" It was too sudden, you opened your mouth by reflex >//w//< *You munch it with happiness* You're fond of sweet food yourself! The combination of the sausage + chocolate + honey taste was brilliant!!!

Tatsuki: "Oi Orihime, don't force people to eat your weird food! What if   your name   -san gets a stomach ache?"

"Hehee... she seems to be enjoying it." Orihime beamed. You smiled and knod your head in agreement while munching the sausage in the mouth :)

Chizuru: "Inoue, please feed sausage into my mouth too!" *Chizuru's pervert mode ON* O.O" 

Tatsuki glared at Chizuru, sending a 'hands off or I'll give you a beating' warning.

- Be part of the Kurosaki Family~!
Yuzu: "Have a seat nee-san~. I hope you don't mind the simple meal prepared"

Ichigo: "Yuzu, didn't I told you not to put so much strain on your body, you're still stick."

Karin: "I helped her out plus it's only a simple meal so it's not big deal."

Yuzu: "Don't worry onii-san, though I'm very happy you're so attentive of me." 

Meanwhile their dad was stuck to the door because he wanted to perform body checkup for you for free was over friendly towards you. Isshin is a doctor by the way.

- In Ichigo's Room -
 Kon is flying towards you shouting "nee-san~! Please save me" *trying to land on your soft spot :X

Kon was teasing Ichigo for bringing a girl into his room and being unfaithful to Rukia. Ichigo punches Kon mercilessly and blurt out that this and that is not related at all! They're only just friends!

 And lastly, gulp.... 

'Ichigo, why are you staring at me like that?' You think to yourself

Ichigo: "You look so stressed out"

Ichigo: "Cheer up!"
 *Ichigo suddenly nudge your forehead - even the screen shakes for a moment* Ehh!!!!
'Why is he giving me that kind of stare and smile?' *ba-dump*
*Ichigo is slightly blushing too* 

~Love is in the air~
(I saw this during one of the Karakura fight - epi 297)

Owkay, I could actually write forever and end up with panda eyes... I have the whole story unveiled naturally in my head but I don't have the time to write it properly, don't wanna end up with panda eyes tomorrow =.= I could have written out a whole bleach movie script! >v<

Seems like Bleach is trying to boost Ichigo's popularity, this is gonna make some fan girls scream (。≧∀≦)/ ~♥ Kyaa~

P.S. kof kof, luckily i'm not a die heart fan of ichigo... or else I shall be repeating that scene over and over again XD


Author Moena, signing off~!

White Day - Kansai Style?

Happy White Day minna! Well, I have a special post for today. Ah, unfortunately, it's not about white chocolate, though it's still about food XD It's my latest creation dish!!! ヽ(^◇^)/

+ Kansai Style Okonomiyaki + 


 - Batter -
1 cup flour
1 1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cube chicken stock (well, I don't have any dashi and have no idea where to get it) 
Shredded sweet potato (ok, I admit, it's supposed to be yam powder but I don't have any)
? sugar (no need! because the sweet potato will make it sweet :)
 ~> Mix these first to form the batter.

- Filling -
Sliced Cabbage
Sliced Leek
1 fish fillet stick, chopped in small cubes
1 egg (for each unit)
Doritos (I cheated, was supposed to use Tenkasu if you have it, or u could fry the batter in oil to get it, but the lazy me couldn't bother the extra work ;P )

- Toppings - 
BBQ / Brown Sauce (because I have no okonomiyaki sauce)
Salad Cream (I recommend mix it with Mayonaise)
Seaweed, cut into small strips
Katsuo bushi / Bonito Flakes (I wish I have some, it makes such good smell)

Ingredients~ some of them are missing from this pic though ^^"

 Mix them together when u want to fry. This mixture only contain 10 soup spoon of batter + enough vegetable to make a thick mixture. The rest? Keep in fridge for next meal!

Woah, looking good! The hardest part is to flip it over, and also to move it to my plate. I broke some of it D:
 After you flip it over, put some BBQ brown okonomiyaki sauce and let it cook for a moment. When it's almost done, put mayonaise & seaweed for the topping, and Bonito flakes if you have them.
完了だ ! It's done!

It shrinks so fast! (●^д^●)

  nyum nyum nyum, all for myself!  ω `=)


TOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was gone within 5 mins :X 

It was better than my expectations! Wow, I'm glad that I still have some in the fridge for my next meal!

It's really enjoyable to cook this, and even more enjoyable to eat it! hehe~!

Feel free to try this recipe~!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Talk of Spirit

Sunday - Spirit pressure in the Church was very heavy today. Not that kind of scary spirit, it's the Holy Spirit. When it descents, it touches the heart. And because I felt that, I was turning my head around to see if there's any difference in the Church. Some people still look the same, but then I saw the lady beside me and the couple in front was wiping their tears secretly, but I noticed. It happened during praise and worship time, it was very powerful, more heavy than other days. Today was special.

Well, it's hard to explain these paranormal stuffs because I have no idea of explaining it >.< I find it stupid last time when other church mates tell me this, that was a long time ago since I was young and loved science. I seriously don't believe paranormal stuffs and I started to question the existence of God, the Bible, and technically everything. Well this day, I discovered that we can sense them, yet unable to explain it unless I can do a full scale research on it :X My hypothesis is, perhaps there is some receptor in our soul which allows us to sense it, and it depends on our body condition to activate it. For example, when you are tired or certain things you eat triggers that receptor. Anyways, today I realised, how lucky we can feel close to God, compared to the people before the coming of Jesus. Yes there is a significance, that's why the church celebrates the Pentecost. Because God provided the Lamb for sacrifice (I find it very cruel sometimes), to allow the bridge of this gap. And it was recorded in history, one supper when Jesus broke the bread and said 'This is my body which is given for you, do this in remembrance of me'. In the same way after supper, he took the cup (with wine) saying, 'This cup is the new covenant in my blood, this this as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me. 

Try to imagine that time, people cannot have a direct connection with God, and God have to go through prophets to speak to his people. And people have to sacrifice animals for their sins. And then fake prophets appear everywhere because prophets were used to be rewarded by kings and are think highly by people. Slowly real prophets sent by God was disliked some killed because they prophesied punishments due to the sinful acts of the strayed people. God's people were so lost, God was disheartened with the nation. Best way is to have 'direct contact' with us, so he sent his son to initiate that link - The prophesied Messiah in the scriptures that will set up a 'kingdom that shall stand forever'. The reason why Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus to the chief priests because he misunderstood the mission of the Messiah. Judas thought Jesus was a false Messiah, because he misinterpreted the meaning of the prophesied scripture. He thought Jesus, who had demonstrated miracle healings and casting out demons, is supposed to be the king to lead the victory over the Romans in war. But when Jesus told his disciples that he would die by crucifixion, Judas got angry because Jesus did not live up to his (Judas') expectations. He wanted Jesus to pay for deceiving him. And at Judas' acts, he saw the prophecy unveil in front on his very own eyes, and he realised he had sin by betraying innocent blood. Jesus is indeed the Messiah! Notice how Judas played an important role in fulfilling the prophecy but he couldn't live with the the guilt and hanged himself. 

To keep things short, after Jesus' death, He rose from the dead on the 3rd day and His body returned to heaven. And he appeared again to two of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Then Jesus appeared to the Eleven disciples, in a locked area, rebuking them for their lack of faith for they did not believed the earlier sightings. But boy were they startled and thought he was a ghost! Jesus said 'Peace be with you' and asked them to touch him, the disciples were overjoyed and Jesus also ate broiled fish in front of them. Then He opened their minds so that they can understand the scriptures and asked them to stay in the city until they have been clothed with power from high (Holy Spirit). Now one of the disciple, Thomas was not with them, he didn't believe the others when they told him and he said "unless I see the nail marks in his hands, put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe". Then Jesus came and appeared among the disciples again a week later, maybe just to give Thomas a shock, and he specifically told Thomas touch his hands and side. And Jesus said 'because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.' Then Jesus appeared again by the Sea of Tiberias to have breakfast with them. Jesus did many things with them and they were recorded in many scriptures (some were not included in the Bible).

The disciples stayed in Jerusalem until the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit finally came down as promised. They were filled with the Spirit and began speaking in tongues. Other people who witnessed it were amazed and perplexed. Many people were baptised that day. Only after the Spirit has descended on the people that the disciples were able to performed miracle healings and drive out demons. 'The Kingdom that shall stand forever' means God's kingdom that stands forever because we have direct contact now, and the Spirit will guide us back to God even if we stray. 

Read Mark, Luke, John, & Acts from the bible to find out more about it. Written by different people and they are prepared to die so that they can bring salvation to to mankind. For there is only 1 way to God. Jesus said, 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No one comes to the father except through me'. The Bible was written and compiled so that you would believe and be saved. The Holy Spirit that is now easily available to guide us and which we are able to enjoy and command now was not available to people in the past before Jesus' sacrifice. To attain it, a person have to ask Jesus into his life and be baptised. Jesus is alive and he hears your words and thoughts, just like how he heard Thomas', so just call on him and he will come. And through Jesus's blood our sins are washed away so we can speak directly to God. I was raised up as a christian, but only when I truly accept Christ by myself and my own will that I can enjoy the connection with of God. And through God, the spirit gave me wisdom to learn more about God's Kingdom and God's way. 

Life is short, even if you can't live until end of the world and the second coming of Christ, death would still come to you. Even believers will be deceived during the end times. But don't be afraid, stay near to God and the Spirit of Truth as Jesus said will be our Counsellor forever. Christianity is not a religion, it's about our connection to God. So stay strong... 

P.S. Sometimes I try not to blog about God so much because it's a sensitive issue. But I promised God for this introduction of Jesus post since many people out there don't know about His Son's significance. And I pray, through this, at least you will be able to understand our faith. I wanted at least some of you to be given the opportunity to hear the 'Good News'. Perhaps it could get some of you out there to question and start thinking, who is Jesus and then to find God yourself and to grow in Love with Him.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Day in March

My meal for today~ 

Beetroot soup... but it actually taste like corn soup, I have no idea why =.=
Ingredients: Garlic, onion, meat, soy sauce, sugar, salt, beetroot (preserved in vinegar).

I was frying leek + carrot + onion + garlic vegetable dish to have it with rice. But when I opened the fridge to get the leftover rice, there was pasta instead of rice in my container... i actually forgot I finished the rice few days ago >.< rice takes too long to cook, I didn't want my dish to get cold so I fried the plain pasta noodles with pesto, mixed herbs, paprika powder together with some soy sauce and a small pinch of sugar. The taste is mild, so it goes really well with my salty vege dish!

Well well, enough about food :p I shall reveal some of my adventure log~

These pics are from my htc phone:

Spring has come~!!!! 
This is the amazing scenery outside my school hall!

It feels like ages since I last cam whore with my htc so here it is~! (´・ω・)

 This was taken 2 days ago. Before I went out and after I came home.

Oh yea, that day I went to BMW's Mini Cooper Plant

Heart of Mini~! 
I didn't get any pics inside the factory because it's not allowed. It's their intellectual property after all so I'd have to respect that. 

Another day, another post!

Moena, signing off~!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tea Break

I'm so stressed with my proposal! It's my first time writing a business proposal and I think my writing skills are really bad, especially when it is going to be mark by a Highly Intelligent & Arrogant Smart Looking British Professor with so many experience in professional research papers. Not only that, it's going to be marked by a second examiner to make sure we meet up to the super high standards.... Orz.......

Okay, enough with my complaining... I'm rewarding myself a sweet tea break now :3 
- *laziness kicks in* -

I was digging treasure chests around my room in hope to find some black tea to go with milk but unfortunately I have non ( ̄^ ̄)

Oh, what have we here? 

Oh yea, I forgot I got these in Dec last year from the mail. I signed up for some free samples and they sent some to me.

Today, I'll be trying this: Cranberry, Raspberry, & Elderflower Fruity Tea

If you're wondering, those 2 figures are laser cut outs from fibreboard. The architect in the kitchen pass them to me when I was getting some hot water. He's a Vietnamese by the way, he said that (the one on the right) is a symbol representing traditional Vietnam girls. Seems like he cut out too many of these, he thought I was some little girl so he gave them to me ( ̄▽ ̄)

Wait for 7 minutes. Why? WATCH THIS VID! *commanding*

It's pinkish red~! 

It's such a pretty colour to drink, the taste is sweet and fragrant is really refreshing!

Seems like Twinings did not waste their sample on me, see~ so nice of me to write a blog post for them!

  If you want a tea sample from them, feel free click here (for UK only I think).

Okay, I'm done with my break, back to work!

Nerdy Moena signing off~! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Refreshing Day

I slept 11 hours straight! With no disturbance or abrupt awakening by myself...a very good sleep *satisfied look* 

factors to my good sleep? :D 

I went to pastorate group last night and Susanne prayed for me.

Plus! I got a message from the Lord via Susanne.

That leaves the question, why was I attacked at the first place? I complained to asked God. He said it's to explore my weaknesses and for me to learn fear. By knowing fear I can stand up for those who doesn't have Him in his life who will be encountering something worst than what I felt. Owkay, I can't argue with that, even though I felt terrible the past few days =.= I want to complain more but He promised it will not happen again.

Well, waking up to a refreshing day~ I had this for breakfast!

Mandarin orange and vegetable soup...

Then I jumped on to the scale~ wippy~!! I lost 4kg since Chinese New Year!

I didn't really plan on dieting and I still munched on chocolates and cookies so I'm kinda surprised~! Must be the effect of fasting!

Well, excuse me, I'm off to the kitchen to fill more of my stomach, hehe~

Happy Moena signing off~

Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I Actually Sleep Last Night

I felt like a total idiot! I actually kept the table lamp on when I went to sleep last night... it was glaring! I'm a person who can't sleep properly with lights on and I refused to put the blanket on top of my head which will defeat the purpose of keeping the lights on! I even forced myself to sleep in 1 position, back towards the wall so that I can see the whole room easily. Just like Gon & Killua at Greed Island, I was only half sleeping. I keep opening my eyes once in awhile to secure the surroundings =.=" At the end I didn't get much sleep until about 6am, I called Isaac and I was finally able to sleep after talking to him, and after switching the lights off <.<

P.S. I even put my digicam with the flash mode on beside my bed, in case I need it... I was thinking about fatal frame that time :X