Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
Hello Wanderer! Would You Like To Join Me In My Adventures & Discoveries in The World of Reality?
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Night to Not Forget

Ramblings of the Day:
Hmm...I heard from somewhere someone said I'm selling expensive... but I'm not selling anything at all (at least for now) :(

          I have been on streak to the clinic recently. Been there last night again because of gastric problem... this time it was not because I didn't eat. It was because I simply eat and ate too much!!!! Ahahaha!!! OK, I can laugh now but yesterday night I felt terrible. I even hav to leave last night's concert during half way!!!! T.T I didn't even manage to see Hiromi's performance! :(

Wada Hiromi (裕美), a half japanese and half HKnese.

          Well, at least i manage to see Kay Ho, Charis Chung and Bob's performance. They're celebrity singers from Hong Kong.

This is the concert flyer posted around.

          They came to Sabah to share their testimony on how God touch their lives and how they were changed and transformed. I was really touched by their sharing. Isaac too. So even though we left early, we were still touched. We made a pledge to keep God closer in our life, to strengthen our relationship with God because since we spend our time talking with each other on the phone so often, our time talking to God had actually decreased drastically, so sorry >.<

          This week I learned a lot. Even during cell group on Wednesday, I learned that Jesus can change Water into Wine... so can your lost soul be found, renewed, and turned into something special, just like our Celebrities who came here. But we must first learn to let go, give in to God and trust Him, and He will take care of us because his love is limitless ^-^

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eat Sleeping

OK! Lets try to imagine this scene:

Moena was eating her breakfast, then all of a sudden she was SO QUIET.
You turn to look at her and you noticed both of her eyes were CLOSED! 
Then she fell to the chair beside her with a THUD!
and she became unconscious...she is now DREAMING~~~

First thing that comes to my mind is...."I CAN SLEEP WHILE EATING LIKE ACE FROM ONE PIECE!!! WAHHH!!!! THIS KIND OF THING REALLY CAN HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, LOL!" And then I continued eating my fried mihun and pork bun :D

Ace's Sleeping Disorder

Well, the person who witness this didn't find it funny... my eldest sis was SHOCKED! Okay, that was the first time I fainted for THAT long O.O" shocked me for awhile too! I was actually having gastric pain during Sunday morning after my church, so we went home for breakfast and the pain suddenly shot up to my head and the next thing I realised, I was dreaming and then nee-san kept shaking me and shouting my name. I was wondering why she kept shouting my name so loudly, in my head I thought I still haven't gotten out of my bed to start off my day. 

Eventually I decided not to go to my usual weekend Japanese class in case I'd faint again, I kinda felt a bit terrified coz nothing like that had happened to me before. I am a STRONG GIRL u know :p I was scolded by my beloved for drinking too much coffee and milky tea (they cause gastric in the stomach), yes I know I am very stubborn, now that it had terrified me.... I SWEAR THAT I SHALL NOT TAKE MORE THAN 1 CUP OF COFFEE AND TEA within 1 week :) 

I went to see the doctor, the doc treated me like someone who has gastric frequently... 
O.O I 'Orz'
How can someone who love food so much like me have gastric?!?!?!?
I did found out the fainting was normal in gastric cases, it even has a name - "Acute Epigastric Pain". The real reason why I'm having gastric is unknown though... probably because i didn't eat MEAT the night before XD i was having a big bowl of leaves salad for my dinner :3

P.S. Kirameki Cafe had Seifuku (School Uniform) Day on the 16th April 2011, it seemed very fun! Maids in School Girl Uniforms!!!!! MOE!!!!
I grabbed this from Meido Haruhi's FB album :D (haruhi-chan, i know i took this without permission, pls dont hit me with your lollipop >.<)

And just to share this link,
it's written by Tetsuro Takahashi, a Japanese Journalist who came all the way to the Land Below The Wind just to visit Kirameki Cafe! He wrote quite a lot about the cafe and he uploaded quite a number of photos, including directions on how to locate the cafe. By the way, the page is written in Japanese. If you can't read Japanese, you can select to Google translate it but sometimes the sentences doesn't make sense ^^" 

それで おわります~!

What kind of adventure shall Moena encounter next?

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Just A Green Apple

Hello minna~! I know I've promised a new ADVENTURE soon but it's not about a place or location this time... It's a bout obtaining an item....

"Moena picks up a Small Green Apple" (music playing in the background) :D

Uuu... wat's that? Let's check inventory....a green apple should look like this...

But no... there's NO such thing in my inventory...

Okay, I find this amusing. Even the packaging which sends the green apple is green!

Now are you curious what kind of green apple am I talking about now? Err, of course you all would have known it's and 'Apple' product by now...

I won an iPod Shuffle recently ^_______^

It was this small in the box... 
I forgot to snap a pic of mine in the packaging box, too excited to open it ^^"

The package was so SMALL that I doubt if the postman might have stolen the device and left the charger in there just to mock me, ahahaha!!!

(pls excuse my silly wild thoughts)

So, exactly how did I get it for free?

Well, Moena was out and surfing FB one day and found a cadbury website. It has some facebook contest so I just join in with an 'enni minni small hope' that I'll get the first prize.... the iPhone...

Turns out... I did get First Prize!!! But... it was for a different category D:

Week 3 FIRST PRIZE WINNER!!!!  *clap clap clap*

But funny, I remembered I entered the contest during the 4th week....... I think I'll just keep quiet for now >v<

I'm definately gonna equip my Green Apple when I go jog next time!

P.S. I dont know why it's sent to me by Kraft instead of from Cadbury. Same company perhaps?

re-edit: (I found this when I was spring cleaning, scanned it before I threw it away) wow, my green apple is worth USD 100?

New item recorded in travel journal! Cheers to being an FB addict! XD Adious amigo~!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3rd Kamen Rider Gathering - 26th March 2011

Yes I know, I am super lazy to keep my journey written down and I'm always late in writing my adventure journal :p Well, better than nothing, I'll just keep it simple so I can have some extra time to post other things, life is kinda getting busy for me ^^"

Kamen Rider 3rd Gathering was held at Kirameki Cafe just like the earlier two. I had classes to attend so I only arrived there at about 5.30 pm. Some of them had already went home but some really die hard fans can be seen lingering around. I went there with nee-san ^-^

Upon arriving, I shot some scary glares and keep frowning  at customers....WHY? Ehehehe.... Because Hana has arrived!!!!

Hana from Den-O series.

The person I am most looking forward to see is Meido Airin!!! >v< I missed u too! But when I arrived, I see no meido in sight! What I saw was Greed Kazari from Kamen Rider OOO!!! O.O"

Hana quickly hug kazari *^_^* 

OOO and Den-O crossover~! They look like a nice couple! >v<
(Photo credits to Jeremy Tsen

What you can see during a KR gathering is lots of KR belts, accessories, equipments and most importantly, fans doing henshin!!!

I couldn't keep my glare and scary face that long at first... I will burst out smiling after awhile. Took some time for me to get use to it, being tsundere is fun but it's also a real challenge to me!

See see! This signboard was specially drawn by Airin-chan herself!

Chiisai Momotaros...

 I hope Hana didn't scare away all the customers XD
 With Yus-sama~ Hana with gun? O.O 
(yes I stole this pic from his fb album :p)

Well, hana's scary face was gone when she saw Vocaloid Miku plushie next door at Hobby Densetsu. Could not resist to "borrow" it from the miku owner :3

Miku with leek~! Nyah!!! (Wish I have a better camera...too much noise here).

Mission complete!

That's all for today my fellow wanderers!

Moena is off to another ADVENTURE real soon~!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kirameki Cafe - covered by Bandwidth Magazine

I wanted to post this 1 month ago when Nifty-san gave me the magazine but I kinda forgot about it ^^"

So here it is~

Kirameki Cafe was featured in Bandwidth's March 2011 edition ^-^

You can see both meido Zell & Airin in the picture :)

*A post by Meido Moena ~!*