Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Night to Not Forget

Ramblings of the Day:
Hmm...I heard from somewhere someone said I'm selling expensive... but I'm not selling anything at all (at least for now) :(

          I have been on streak to the clinic recently. Been there last night again because of gastric problem... this time it was not because I didn't eat. It was because I simply eat and ate too much!!!! Ahahaha!!! OK, I can laugh now but yesterday night I felt terrible. I even hav to leave last night's concert during half way!!!! T.T I didn't even manage to see Hiromi's performance! :(

Wada Hiromi (裕美), a half japanese and half HKnese.

          Well, at least i manage to see Kay Ho, Charis Chung and Bob's performance. They're celebrity singers from Hong Kong.

This is the concert flyer posted around.

          They came to Sabah to share their testimony on how God touch their lives and how they were changed and transformed. I was really touched by their sharing. Isaac too. So even though we left early, we were still touched. We made a pledge to keep God closer in our life, to strengthen our relationship with God because since we spend our time talking with each other on the phone so often, our time talking to God had actually decreased drastically, so sorry >.<

          This week I learned a lot. Even during cell group on Wednesday, I learned that Jesus can change Water into Wine... so can your lost soul be found, renewed, and turned into something special, just like our Celebrities who came here. But we must first learn to let go, give in to God and trust Him, and He will take care of us because his love is limitless ^-^

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