Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak Day - Treasure Hunting

This morning, I was reluctant to get out of bed to start my adventure because it was a holiday, plus... things that happened  two days didn't really gave me the mood to go hunting today, but I got up anyway because I know I'm doing it for mom and it's good to let hunts torture exercise my brain once in awhile. 

Which kind of pirate are you?

For those who had never heard of treasure hunt before, it's just a game of treasure hunting were pirate ships are replaced with cars, maps replaced by tulip and cryptic questions, and finally treasures are replaced with signboards and answers. Not tempting huh? Well, I think so too, we even have to hunt under the hot sun! But hey, there's a quite a number of hunt addicts in KK, including my team :) These addicts like us will not miss any hunt unless one of our member is not around. 

Today's hunt, 'KK Challenge 7' was organised by Cornelius Koh. This hunt was purely based on questions so no need to worry about running around carry heavy bags of rice or driving like Formula F1 trying to get passport chops. Best thing is, we don't have to worry about our luck in throwing slippers to hit deck of cards, which happened in the last DBKK hunt. 

As usual, today's hunt was mind torturing but we loved it! We started by --- sitting down and having breakfast and drinks at the shop just next to Question no.1 :) These few fellas ah... so steady kah? Steadily skip through Q3 (giving up too fast) when we cant find the answers, like we don't bother winning, just there to have fun with the questions...and for the torturing. 

We actually skipped quiet a number of questions, about six of them (5 route + 1 treasure question). But unexpectedly, we got SECOND PRIZE!!!!!! Sadly, no fruit baskets, I really look forward to getting it. Instead, we got ang paw (cash money) and a silver medal. 


Surprisingly I just remembered, we got third prize during the previous KK Challenge 6 Hunt. Which means, there's improvement~!!!! YAY!

I was exhausted the whole day. Plus now Love has gone back to the air, I can have a goodnight rest today ^-^



  1. sankyuu pjal~! didn't expect it actually because my team missed too many questions. But we gained through getting treasures!