Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Monday, May 30, 2011

An Adventurous Night!

Yesterday night I was so tired of waiting and had finally fallen asleep unknowingly after thinking about lots of things. And not to my surprised, I ended up having a remarkable exciting dream! Though not always a happy one, most of my dreams put me in life or death situations!    

I dreamt about playing some kind of shooting game, I'm controlling a team of humans, about 3 of them to shoot plants. Scary plants were our enemy, they look very evil and their vines started to invade our territory. The surrounding was very misty, it was night time and the only light around were street lights. Those seemingly sunflowers shoot sunflower seeds. Their intention was to knock us unmovable and then those vines would devour us. And somehow or rather, I ended up inside the game, I was out of ammo so I jumped across a gunny sack barricade and ended up behind my team to catch a quick breath. But, before I can swallow any breath, the wire fenced door behind us swung open. I was the nearest one there and I was STUNNED!!! Not only was I out of gun ammo, I was out of energy and was barely able to move. The worst thing you can meet besides man eating plants are....

ZOMBIES!!!! OMG!!!  

I was totally terrified by the noises they make!!! I panicked!!! Well, somehow they don't really look like those Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead Zombies... 

They look more like these...

Yes...they look like this and I am still terrified.

I blame myself for playing too much Plant vs Zombie games. They still seem very scary inside the game, especially when it was night time D:

With eyes wide open and not blinking, I was checking my body to see if I've any equipment one me which I can use to defend myself. To my horror, there was none!!! No samurai sword, wrench, or not even a small dagger. Good gracious! And my other team mates where busy focusing at the enemy in front! The only thing left to do is to SCREAM!!! But I was too shock to get any 'AAaaaaHHHH' out, I wasn't even good in screaming or shouting out loud in the first place! All i could do is shout 'kyaaaa~~~' when I see a red hair cosplayer (no matter he is female or male ≧∀≦).

I stumbled and backed away, still facing the zombie. My back hit the gunny sack and I had no where to crawl. The gunny sack wall was too tall for me to gather enough strength to climb over since I was trembling and tired. Froze in position, I still can still imagine the zombie's hand reaching for me, just a hand's reach away from me, ready to grab me and eat me up. I closed my eyes and wished it would all disappear. 

Within those determining second, a bullet fly pass from behind and hit the zombie on its left shoulder, and the zombie was pushed behind by the force of the bullet. A voice shouted "GET UP!" I turned and saw Len. 

Backups has arrived!

The funny thing is, besides from feeling grateful, I was complaining to him from the floor, "What took you so long?!"....and here's a series or arguments, something like - Len: "I just saved your life, can't you at least thank me first?" Me: "It's because of you were late that I ended up in this terrifying situation!!!" -------- Both of us kinda forgot the zombies were still approaching. At this moment, Gakupo grab my arm so that I can return to a standing position. He was so silent and cool. Kaito was shooting those zombies while saying: "Let's get going". Seems like the other earlier 3 of my members in team became clearer in view...they're Meiko, Miku & Rin.

The adventurous dream ended there. Well I kinda understand how did they ended up in my dream. It was because I was refreshed with this picture in Airin's laptop at Kirameki Cafe yesterday : 


Thank you for reading my adventure journal ^∀^ 

じゃ また! (°∀°)/~


  1. weird i had a zombie apocalypse dream 2 days ago LOL!

  2. eh! fifi, we love zombies too much! XD