Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
Hello Wanderer! Would You Like To Join Me In My Adventures & Discoveries in The World of Reality?
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journey into a Scary Night

I fell asleep with the lights on at about 2am I think, with my hand holding the thick notes for tomorrow's lesson which I was reading. I got up at about 3 something, went to switch off the lights and dive back into my bed after throwing the notes onto my study table. 

While I was deep in my sleep, I was suddenly awaken by a heavy weight on top of me. It feels like my whole body is being pushed down so hard and I couldn't move except my eyes. The lights were off, I couldn't see much but I was feeling very uncomfortable and really scared. Well, I've heard of this kind of phenomenon before (sleep paralysis) so I can explain it scientifically. But at that moment I felt like I wasn't alone in the room. I tried looking up expecting to see Genga's red eyes but luckily there wasn't anything there or else I might die of heart attack >.<  However I still felt like there were some evil presence in the room. I could be hallucinating, like how these kind of phenomenon was documented scientifically. Being unable to move, I tried to shout Jesus' name out loud, but only a soft whimper came out of my mouth, I then realised I couldn't move my mouth properly too. Plus the whimper which came out of my mouth sounds like 'mommy' vaguely. I was puzzled at myself. Getting even more scared now, I tried another time. This time I'm going to use a stronger sentence. So I tried to shout "In Jesus' name, be gone!" with more sense of authority. I projected it to my mouth and I felt the 'thing' left hurriedly as the last word 'gone' left my mouth. Note I wasn't able to say the speech out in audible tone except the word 'gone' when I suddenly was able to move my mouth and body. I don't know how to explain it, it was as if the 'thing' was terrified, but I felt like I'm the one who's supposed to be more scared. 

I pushed my blanket away now because I felt hot due to the increased blood flow from my emotions. Well, even though I can move already, I was still feeling so scared, I keep looking around the room but I don't see anything peculiar. I prayed but I was still too afraid to go back to sleep in case it happen again...  It happened around 4+ , I still remembered I dropped my phone down the bed because I was trembling. I kept checking my clock asking myself to get some sleep because I have to wake up at 7.30am for my early morning class. Note that I was REALLY tired from studying but I was SO AFRAID to sleep! In case that 'thing' comes back. At least if I'm awake I'm more brave and less vulnerable. That's how I felt. While I lie awake on my bed telling myself not be afraid and get some sleep, I heard sounds of wheels rolling outside the road, as if people are pulling their luggage when they walk past my window. It's common for students living in the hall to do that, except that this time it keeps repeating and it's in the middle of the night!!! I was very curious but I was too scared to poke my head out to see. 

I hugged my saru-chan and the bible which was next to me. I laughed at myself and said the 'Word' will protect me yet still feeling like a total chicken. The last time I remembered checking was 6.32am, I keep reciting this verse in my head "I will fear no evil as I walk through the valley of darkness because you are with me" it's from psalms I think. I slept for less than an hour and woke up by myself at 7.20+am ~ before my alarm go off. 

Waking up, I was still terrified thinking about it, because 2 weeks ago I had felt something holding my legs and there was a feeling of floating. I wasn't so scared at that time because it can be scientifically explainable (the floating or out of body experience) and I was so busy rushing off to London for London Anime Con. The grabbing could be due to hallucinations. Not to mention, remembering the so seems to be haunted photo I took during Hyper Japan didn't help at all. 

Actually I don't really want to remember what happened last night. I was trying to brush it off but I'm feeling very afraid to go to bed now so I thought I'll just blog it out and face my fear while waiting my pastorate leader to call me back. I just finished talking to her on the phone as I was writing the previous paragraph. I told her I'm too afraid to go to bed now. She prayed for me and told me these kind of spiritual attacks does happen but we should not be afraid. I'm still thinking whether it was my hallucinations or did I really felt that evil presence. I just know that I was so scared this morning and still am scared now, but I'm a bit calm now after talking to my pastorate group leader. 

Sorry it look like a super long post. Could have bored some people there as I don't have any pics for this post. I could put some pics here but I'm really not in the mood of finding out what that 'thing' could look like... I'm sure folklore somewhere has a name for it if this is a paranormal incident. I do know it's a common incident and scientist did try to explain it. I'm going to sleep now, really exhausted. Nites~ 

Panda eyed Moena, signing off~!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pancake Fever

Yes, it's another pancake post!

This time it's
Oatmeal Pancakes ~

1) Milk
2) Oatmeal Flour
3) Salt
Just estimate it, I don't have the exact amount :P

Fry the batter until it's golden brown & flip it to the other side. Then put cheese, egg, & ham on the well cooked surface while waiting for the bottom to cook. When you think the bottom is almost done, flip the pancake in to half (or into a square) and let it there for awhile to let the egg cook. I like the egg yolk partially uncooked~

 With mozerella cheese

 With Cheddar cheese

Yum Yum!

It's supper filling, most probably due to the high cholesterol eggs :X

Tummy satisfied Moena signing off :D ~!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

I have been watching mirai nikki when I eat my meals and I learned this very motivating quote from Minene in episode 16:

"Don't be too quick to give in to your weakness. If you don't have the strength, you can still fight on and miraculously reach your goal. Keep fighting on, even if it ain't worth much."

-Eh what? I'm learning from a terrorist? uhm, I keep seeing her as a good guy so =3= But I think this anime is so mind twisting & unpredictable, I really don't know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Plus there's too many scary scenes >.< I blame my Greek housemate who keep telling me it's nice. How can a son still be so calm after his father killed his mother? Well, it's exciting but it makes me have nightmares thinking of all the slashing & blood gore @_@"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Day Minna~!

TODAY - 21 Feb 2012 (Tuesday) is Pancake Day!!! Hohoho, what a good day with an excuse to make something delicious to eat! Yeah, I'm supposed to be fasting, but..... oh well, had to skip today :X The official fast starts tomorrow actually, I started on Sunday because I have something important to pray for.

Okay, here's my recipe: 
1) 200g flour
2) 700ml milk
3) 100g sugar
4) 2 eggs
5) 1/2 teaspoon salt

I got the recipe from my flatmate & modified it. The original recipe doesn't comes with sugar or salt so you can actually neglect it. I actually doubled her original recipe & add sugar + salt because I like strong taste >w<

You can put more batter to make it thick or put less to allow it to become crispy.   

The verdict: This pancake is really soft if u do the thick version! fuwa~ fuwa~ (´∀`) But the down side is, it stick to the pan easily, unlike other recipe which requires butter, this doesn't. Anyways, just put a little bit of oil before cooking will prevent it. & make sure u cook with low flame because it can burn easily.

Cooking the crispy version
Crispy version ready to be eaten!
Wait! Need to add more flavours to it first :3 MAYO!
And CHEESE~!!!
Finally fold them together~! And it's ready to be eaten!

This is the thicker version. My favorite combination is:
Chocolate + Peanut butter or 
Peanut butter + Honey !!!

My very tired look. I think I ate too much pancakes @_@" 

I think the cheese & mayonaise one is the best~! 

Owkay, now I'm ready for fasting tomorrow~ JYI, it's Ash Wednesday tomorrow, the beginning of Lent season. Normally on Ash Wednesday we bring palm crosses to church to burn them into ash & mark them on our forehead. I personally have never attended Ash Wednesday before, the first time I heard about it was a year ago and I missed the opportunity to attend it. This year I didn't have my palm crosses from last year with me, and our pastor actually ask us to do it at home by ourselves? O.O *fire hazard* I'll skip the ashes... I'll go with fasting. Seriously I have never fasted during lent season. But I'll start this year. 

The fast will go on for 40 days and from what I understand, we choose something we like and not do it. It could be meat, a meal, a game, facebook, alcohol or anything you are willing to give up. However on Sunday we don't fast. 

My choice would be a meal. Dinner & water when the sun goes down. I'm not sure if I'm able to do it >_< Anyways the most important thing is the heart and spirit. I came across this passage last night, Jeremiah 14:12 says "Although they fast, I will not listen to their cry; though they offer burnt offerings, I will not accept them..." 

So, it's the heart that counts~! Jeremiah 17:10 "I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind..."

Fasting actually helps us to focus and draw our attention to our creator, somehow eating food makes us sleepy (yea, especially during afternoon classes! :P). I've tried fasting for praying purpose yesterday, there seems to be some feeling like the feeling of adrenaline rush in the body? For sure I know my body was growling and making lots of noise =w= I EAT A LOT & I ENJOY EATING :X so by depriving my body of good food at dinner time for 40 days seems very tough.. well i'll just give it a try. I tell myself to fall with an apple and only a glass of water if I can't stand it. I think it's a good opportunity for me to learn to fast and connect with the Holy Spirit to learn more about God. Transformation needed to happen before great wonders can be seen. Like how Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert before his public ministry going out to heal people. Anyways, do you know miracle healings DO happen today in church? I've always heard of it because one of my friend who works in the church sees it occasionally though it's rare. I haven't really witness one myself, but if I do, I'll definitely share it. I'm always very skeptical and always think of scientific explanation for things, so I would like to see it with my own eyes! And I know God is trying to tell me my gift is in healing, but I still have no idea what it means? Could be the healing of heart? Maybe I'm supposed to be a counselling teacher? I can't imagine myself healing the sick or praying for the blind to see. I'm not ready and not courageous enough. If it really happens, probably I'll be too shock and I'll faint on the spot!

Moena  *tummy full with pancakes* signing off~!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brunch~ What to do with potatoes going bad soon?

I was really hungry after cleaning my room so I made myself some cheesy wedges~ 

Wuu... ok i know it doesn't look like wedges at all, more like fries ^^" 
Story behind the fries goes like that:

I bought 2.5kg of potatoes for £1 (yes I'm very kedekut, will only buy it when it's on sale XD)

There's too much of them for 1 person to finish within 1 week (expiry date is very near, obviously with products on sale). Most of them went into the curry, some when into frying with vegetables and some went to baked potatoes....
But there were still lots of them left!!!! 

OMG... they're going bad soon! I don't like to waste food!

What I did:
Peel all of them, cut them into thin sticks, cook them awhile by boiling them on the stove for 15 mins with salt. Then, let them cool and put them into the freezer~ Now I have my supply of fries :)

This morning afternoon I took them out and fried them in the frying pan with olive oil, salt, and paprika powder. I added a slice of cheese on top, and some soft cheese with garlic+onion+spices at the side....

おいしい~! :D~


This morning I cleaned my room a bit and practiced ikebana :3

I removed the roses from the bouquet wrap and gave the roses some flower food. now they look more healthy! I hope they'll feel more refreshed sitting nearer to fresh air!

My window sill looks like this now ^-^ ~! 

So happy with the roses 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Curry Udon カレー うどん

Well, with the leftover curry, I altered the taste and added some vege to make Kare Udon!

From the the leftover, I added a bit of water and more tomato ketchup & shoyu to bring the taste to a more sweetened but less spicy. Then I added more onions, leek, carrots, broccoli, and lettuce (doesn't go so well). Took out the vege and then cook the udon so that there is enough room for all these. Everything look so mushy but it's delicious!

My tummy is satisfied! >v<

Thinking bout it, I never really follow recipe instructions, i was too lazy XD I'll just read the list of ingredients and then start cooking whatever I can find in the fridge! And then I'll open my cupboard of ingredients, smell it, and then simply mix and match weird stuffs into it the pot until it taste good! Btw, this dish consist of a bit of wochester sauce, white + black pepper, paprika, chicken stock, sugar, balsamic vinegar and... I don't really remember already ^^"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Made Me Smile

14 Feb 2012, 8.50 pm I got a call from a lady who is looking for me to deliver something, but seems like she couldn't find my flat. So, I ran out without my jacket standing in the cold streets for a few minutes before the old lady showed up with a paper bag with a bouquet of flowers! I was shocked with the size of the bouquet & the roses itself! They were large and beautiful!

Beautiful flowers from Holland

 Admiring my present more I soon realised there's something else! Inside the bag consist of a box of chocolates!

Lovely box~

Bear-bear & Saru-chan tries to persuade me to share my chocolates with them by looking at me with cute expressions!
A half eaten chocolate. It's fine, smooth & tasty, with liquor in it.

Receiving these gifts landed a big smile on my face! You surprised me again! (♡◕ ‿ ◕♡)

Thank you Bao Bei!

I'm so glad I leave my relationship up to God! Everything becomes so unpredictable and each day I learn new things as well as being pampered by the person I love~

Valentine's Day Breakfast - Sweet & Spicy Strawberry Curry

It's winter now so a spicy + sweet strawberry curry with a heart shaped bread could warm me up when I'm feeling terribly sad on a valentine's day.
It seriously smells of strawberry....
My verdict: DELICIOUS!!!!

I'm not a fan of strawberry, but the curry recipe requires yogurt. Well, the only yogurt I have in the fridge was a strawberry yogurt... SO, that's how it ended up like tat! ^^"

And, i had a hot chocolate to go with it. Chocolates makes u feel better if u're feeling sad. I was on the verge of tears, that's y i'm not taking a pic of myself with the curry even though i'm all dressed up n ready for class. Well, it's not because I'm alone or far away from loved ones. Oh well, save the sad stories, enjoy the curry :)

I'm gonna bring some chocolate sweets to school to give out to my girl friends. 

This was edited from the manga page into a wallpaper by Liena. Lovely~!

Wishes from Kirameki's Headmaid  Airin 

~Happy Valentine's Day~

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone~!

Hiya minna~! How's your Valentine's Day? It's not 14 Feb YET (another 30 mins to go) but I'll just post something today because I might be too lazy tomorrow XD

Here's a nice valentine picture for bleach fans out there~!
I think this pic is really sweet, you don't see guys holding chocolates like tat!!!
Which one is your dream date? :P

Me? I've already got a date with Saru-chan ^-^
The person who gave me this gift is at the other side of the world. But I'm not going to feel sad during Valentine's Day >.<

So, as usual, I like to celebrate special occasion with lovely food... 

Saru-chan & I are going to eat something special tomorrow! 

hehe...stay tune for more pics~!


P.S. I'm a bit lazy to post up London Anime Con 2012 pics & videos at the moment.... hopefully i'll do it after my scary exam on Friday

Monday, February 6, 2012

Orihime in Casual Cosplay - Bleach

Since it was snowing, I decided that night to do a photoshoot with the snow the next day. Well, I didn't really have any costumes with me yet, and I only had an orange wig. So, I dig deep into my closet and pulled out my leather jacket, something that reminds me of this version of Orihime.

This was an illustration from bleach manga, chapter 162. 

I turned a zara paper bag inside out and then cut some holes on it.

I made some ribbons out of gift papers and tape it with cello-tape so that it doesn't break that easily. As for the hair-clips, I bought it a few years back.


I love this character a lot! Finally get to bring her out! <3

The outdoor photos are still with my photographer, will get it probably next week or so :)

I hope to do more Orihime cosplays next time~! In different outfits!

Thanks for viewing! C'ya next time! 

~Orihime, signing off~

Winter Wonderland

Yesh! Moena has finally travelled to winter wonderland! Encountering strong winds, slippery paths and falling snowflakes that keeps getting into her eyes, she was battling hard to stay alive in the harsh conditions in order to build a snowman!

The first snowman I have ever build in my life. The warden asked me what's his name, I blurted out Snowy, so that became his name :X

Snow! That stays! My first time experiencing it! It just started snowing here...

I stayed outside until it was thick enough to build a snowman. I was playing at the car park because the snow there is cleaner, doesn't mix with soil.

My hall mates made snow angels on the floor.

Snow-cat, made by Marie and San-san, my flatmatez. 

Wishes I made for Kirameki Cafe

I think this car belongs to one of the warden?

I also made a bear :D

Snowy ran up to join them. I replaced his scissors with papers so that he doesn't go cutting up stuffs when I'm away.

The biggest snowman around, made by Yung. He even borrowed a shovel to build it.

I made some hot chocolate drink to warm myself up after all the fun in the cold, just like in the movies! ^_^ I even put my toes on the heater to warm them up, hehe.

P.S. I didn't really travel to Winter Wonderland, please don't take my words literally :X 
- Photos were taken on 4 Feb 2012 in Oxford -

Chap Goh Meh 2012

It's Chap Goh Meh festival today (6 Feb 2012), marking the 15th Day, the last day of Chinese New Year celebration. Some say it was the Chinese's valentine's day. Normally on this day there would also be a feast with good food. Ok, I only remember about the food part. There would be 'Tang Yuan' for desserts which symbolises unity, a dessert taking on such occasion. I was not with my family so I kinda felt left out. As my valentine was busy with his new Mac Book and was too tired to wait for me for a chat due to me having classes, I took this as an opportunity, think positive and went exploring at the shops around the streets after my class, in search of something special to cook. Well well, look what I found!

Udon! In fresh packs! Not the instant noodle types. It's only 2 pounds with 3 individual packets inside, comes with seasonings! 

The individual packets. I ate one of them already when I took this pic :3

This is the result! I even bought some leeks, chopped some carrots and celery to go with it. It was delicious!

And some grilled chickens in case I'm still hungry. 

Well, I think 1 packet of udon is too much for dinner. I forgot Udon is quite filling. I didn't get to finish my chicken drumstick. At least I get to eat something special and nice this chap goh meh~! Though I miss okasan's cooking, kiu nyuk, and tang yuan. That's all folks~!

Food loving Moena, signing off~! :D~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Continue To Love

Valentine's Day is near the corner so here's a love poem:

Continue To Love

"After years of darkness,
through learning how to love myself,
I learned to love others,
And brought meaning to life.

So I mustn't forget how to love myself,
because that gave me strength,
purpose, and a bigger heart,
to love those I love around me.

And also because,
that's what makes him attracted to me,
and to fall in love with me
due the abundant love I have to give.

Through all these,
by loving myself,
it'll make me a better person
to fall in love with him"

✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

~ Written by Moena ~
~ Inspired by Isaac ♥ ~

Conclusion? I will still be myself and pursue my dreams to build a better future for us. Secondly, I will continue to enjoy and flourish in my innocent hobby when I have the time :) Thirdly, I will restrict my friendliness to all girls (only) out there~! I'm sorry I might be a bit COLD, hope I didn't put your heart on HOLD... (ok, it sounds like a silly rhyme I learned from Blue Rose XD)

After reading it back, I was shocked! I sounded like a narcissist.. O.O"