Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Day Minna~!

TODAY - 21 Feb 2012 (Tuesday) is Pancake Day!!! Hohoho, what a good day with an excuse to make something delicious to eat! Yeah, I'm supposed to be fasting, but..... oh well, had to skip today :X The official fast starts tomorrow actually, I started on Sunday because I have something important to pray for.

Okay, here's my recipe: 
1) 200g flour
2) 700ml milk
3) 100g sugar
4) 2 eggs
5) 1/2 teaspoon salt

I got the recipe from my flatmate & modified it. The original recipe doesn't comes with sugar or salt so you can actually neglect it. I actually doubled her original recipe & add sugar + salt because I like strong taste >w<

You can put more batter to make it thick or put less to allow it to become crispy.   

The verdict: This pancake is really soft if u do the thick version! fuwa~ fuwa~ (´∀`) But the down side is, it stick to the pan easily, unlike other recipe which requires butter, this doesn't. Anyways, just put a little bit of oil before cooking will prevent it. & make sure u cook with low flame because it can burn easily.

Cooking the crispy version
Crispy version ready to be eaten!
Wait! Need to add more flavours to it first :3 MAYO!
And CHEESE~!!!
Finally fold them together~! And it's ready to be eaten!

This is the thicker version. My favorite combination is:
Chocolate + Peanut butter or 
Peanut butter + Honey !!!

My very tired look. I think I ate too much pancakes @_@" 

I think the cheese & mayonaise one is the best~! 

Owkay, now I'm ready for fasting tomorrow~ JYI, it's Ash Wednesday tomorrow, the beginning of Lent season. Normally on Ash Wednesday we bring palm crosses to church to burn them into ash & mark them on our forehead. I personally have never attended Ash Wednesday before, the first time I heard about it was a year ago and I missed the opportunity to attend it. This year I didn't have my palm crosses from last year with me, and our pastor actually ask us to do it at home by ourselves? O.O *fire hazard* I'll skip the ashes... I'll go with fasting. Seriously I have never fasted during lent season. But I'll start this year. 

The fast will go on for 40 days and from what I understand, we choose something we like and not do it. It could be meat, a meal, a game, facebook, alcohol or anything you are willing to give up. However on Sunday we don't fast. 

My choice would be a meal. Dinner & water when the sun goes down. I'm not sure if I'm able to do it >_< Anyways the most important thing is the heart and spirit. I came across this passage last night, Jeremiah 14:12 says "Although they fast, I will not listen to their cry; though they offer burnt offerings, I will not accept them..." 

So, it's the heart that counts~! Jeremiah 17:10 "I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind..."

Fasting actually helps us to focus and draw our attention to our creator, somehow eating food makes us sleepy (yea, especially during afternoon classes! :P). I've tried fasting for praying purpose yesterday, there seems to be some feeling like the feeling of adrenaline rush in the body? For sure I know my body was growling and making lots of noise =w= I EAT A LOT & I ENJOY EATING :X so by depriving my body of good food at dinner time for 40 days seems very tough.. well i'll just give it a try. I tell myself to fall with an apple and only a glass of water if I can't stand it. I think it's a good opportunity for me to learn to fast and connect with the Holy Spirit to learn more about God. Transformation needed to happen before great wonders can be seen. Like how Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert before his public ministry going out to heal people. Anyways, do you know miracle healings DO happen today in church? I've always heard of it because one of my friend who works in the church sees it occasionally though it's rare. I haven't really witness one myself, but if I do, I'll definitely share it. I'm always very skeptical and always think of scientific explanation for things, so I would like to see it with my own eyes! And I know God is trying to tell me my gift is in healing, but I still have no idea what it means? Could be the healing of heart? Maybe I'm supposed to be a counselling teacher? I can't imagine myself healing the sick or praying for the blind to see. I'm not ready and not courageous enough. If it really happens, probably I'll be too shock and I'll faint on the spot!

Moena  *tummy full with pancakes* signing off~!

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