Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

3rd Kamen Rider Gathering - 26th March 2011

Yes I know, I am super lazy to keep my journey written down and I'm always late in writing my adventure journal :p Well, better than nothing, I'll just keep it simple so I can have some extra time to post other things, life is kinda getting busy for me ^^"

Kamen Rider 3rd Gathering was held at Kirameki Cafe just like the earlier two. I had classes to attend so I only arrived there at about 5.30 pm. Some of them had already went home but some really die hard fans can be seen lingering around. I went there with nee-san ^-^

Upon arriving, I shot some scary glares and keep frowning  at customers....WHY? Ehehehe.... Because Hana has arrived!!!!

Hana from Den-O series.

The person I am most looking forward to see is Meido Airin!!! >v< I missed u too! But when I arrived, I see no meido in sight! What I saw was Greed Kazari from Kamen Rider OOO!!! O.O"

Hana quickly hug kazari *^_^* 

OOO and Den-O crossover~! They look like a nice couple! >v<
(Photo credits to Jeremy Tsen

What you can see during a KR gathering is lots of KR belts, accessories, equipments and most importantly, fans doing henshin!!!

I couldn't keep my glare and scary face that long at first... I will burst out smiling after awhile. Took some time for me to get use to it, being tsundere is fun but it's also a real challenge to me!

See see! This signboard was specially drawn by Airin-chan herself!

Chiisai Momotaros...

 I hope Hana didn't scare away all the customers XD
 With Yus-sama~ Hana with gun? O.O 
(yes I stole this pic from his fb album :p)

Well, hana's scary face was gone when she saw Vocaloid Miku plushie next door at Hobby Densetsu. Could not resist to "borrow" it from the miku owner :3

Miku with leek~! Nyah!!! (Wish I have a better camera...too much noise here).

Mission complete!

That's all for today my fellow wanderers!

Moena is off to another ADVENTURE real soon~!

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