Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Just A Green Apple

Hello minna~! I know I've promised a new ADVENTURE soon but it's not about a place or location this time... It's a bout obtaining an item....

"Moena picks up a Small Green Apple" (music playing in the background) :D

Uuu... wat's that? Let's check inventory....a green apple should look like this...

But no... there's NO such thing in my inventory...

Okay, I find this amusing. Even the packaging which sends the green apple is green!

Now are you curious what kind of green apple am I talking about now? Err, of course you all would have known it's and 'Apple' product by now...

I won an iPod Shuffle recently ^_______^

It was this small in the box... 
I forgot to snap a pic of mine in the packaging box, too excited to open it ^^"

The package was so SMALL that I doubt if the postman might have stolen the device and left the charger in there just to mock me, ahahaha!!!

(pls excuse my silly wild thoughts)

So, exactly how did I get it for free?

Well, Moena was out and surfing FB one day and found a cadbury website. It has some facebook contest so I just join in with an 'enni minni small hope' that I'll get the first prize.... the iPhone...

Turns out... I did get First Prize!!! But... it was for a different category D:

Week 3 FIRST PRIZE WINNER!!!!  *clap clap clap*

But funny, I remembered I entered the contest during the 4th week....... I think I'll just keep quiet for now >v<

I'm definately gonna equip my Green Apple when I go jog next time!

P.S. I dont know why it's sent to me by Kraft instead of from Cadbury. Same company perhaps?

re-edit: (I found this when I was spring cleaning, scanned it before I threw it away) wow, my green apple is worth USD 100?

New item recorded in travel journal! Cheers to being an FB addict! XD Adious amigo~!

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