Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tinkerbella's Tale

One day, I found this mess on the floor next to my piano...


Out from the cage...AGAIN?!?!

The Tale of Tinkerbella

Once upon a time there live a hamster, her name is Tinkerbella who lives in a pink mansion and sleeps in her orange room. Her stepmother moena locks her in her room most of the time. Tinkerbella knows it's for her own safety but regardless, she still wants to escape.

(pink mansion = pink walls of my house, orage room = her cage) 

Tinkerbella, 1 year & 4 months old.

One night, the stepmother opens up the room door to give her some food for dinner. Because she was so absent minded and was rushing to go date with her Purpose Driven Life book, she forgot to stick the super big cello-tape back onto the door! 

Knowing that, Tinkerbella pretended nothing happens. When she hear her stepmother's footsteps disappear into the tower above, she quickly open the door to prepare her escape. Not only Tinkerbella manage to escape, she even pack up her food supplies which she puts in her pocket (mouth) for the long journey ahead.  

"YAY! I'm finally out!" says Tink. "First things first, I will go back to the corner which music is played often because I love to hear music." "And also, I need to let my stepmom know i'm out! No point being outside for few days without her knowing, where's the fun in that?"   

So the food were unloaded and Tink began her journey around the house. "Hi Mr. Lizard, how nice to meet you again, I finally manage to come out from my smelly room, my stepmom forgot to change my bedsheet last week." 
"Oh, how nice of you to come visit Tinkerbella" replies the lizard. "Let us know if you need some water, we know exactly where to get water at different hour of the day. Scouting is our speciality, we do it twice everyday and we even mark the place to prove that we've done duty."

"Oh, that's very nice of you Mr. Lizard" Tinkerbella beams happily. The first night she spend her time exploring the house. She even got to meet stepgrandad in the kitchen and play around at his toe while he washes the dishes. Next day, she was a bit bored with the house. She also got fed up of Mr. Lizard's cold jokes. 

That afternoon, the main door was opened. "Chansu da!" Tink dash with all her might and slide through the tiny gap. She was just a millimetre away from becoming a dead flattened body, like those she sees at door sides. She ran as light footed as possible, trying to avoid being seen or heard. She headed east towards the table which houses many recyclable stuffs. With those acting as stairs, she jumps from one to the other, pretending to be like an FF character attempting gap jumps. She then manage to slip in to the neighbour's house. 

"What a nice mansion this is! It's gloomy and dark!" Waw! Carpet at the living room! I have never sleep on a carpet before in my whole life!" 


Morning came. Tinkerbella opens her blur eyes and see a Giant looking at her. "Oh no! I know him before!" "He's the one who caught me last time, I'm not going to let him catch me this time!" The giant scope Tinkerbella up and then search for a box. He put her down for a little while to prepare the box but when he turn his head back, Tink was gone. 

Tink was running out of the house.  "Time to go home!" "But wait! There's no more stuffs here for me to climb back up the wall! I remember there used to be some here few months ago!" Tinkerbella started to panic. Suddenly, a hand from nowhere scoop down and carried her across the main gate and head towards her mansion. Tink was passed to her step-grandad and then was put back into her room. Tired from the few days of adventure, she was knocked off and slept for the whole afternoon till the night. When stepmother came to watch her after hearing she's back from step-grandad, Tinkerbella was seen drinking water with her eyes closed and she's actually laying on her bed while drinking. She must be really tired.

Stepmom gave her some special biscuits and seeds that are tastier than normal. Still tired, Tink use all the strength to sit up properly to eat those. Her eyes are still so tired which explains why her eyes are still closed when she's eating.

"I am one really lucky hamster!" thought Tinkerbella."Lucky to be alive that is!" the stepmother added. Tinkerbella grinned with her eyes closed and then fell asleep while holding her greentea Kuaci in her hand. "I'm so glad you're back. Goodnite Kush Kush", says her stepmom.


Hope you enjoy Tinkerbella's Tale. I'm getting sleepy now. Nite nite~

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