Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monthly Injections - Scary Scar Keloid Disaster D:

Last year I decided to do something about my keloid, due to the fact that I am beginning to be more conscious about my outward appearance. Why? Because of the LOVE for cosplay >v< You see, this keloid bump is gonna make picture look inaccurate if I dress up as sleeveless characters. Plus, it's getting bigger :( 

What is keloid actually?
To be simple, keloids or keloidal scars are actually firm, smooth, hard growth of skin tissues. They can arise soon after injury or develop months later. It is not known why they appear. My doctor says Asians tend to get keloids more often than Westerns. Probably due to genetics differences. While most people never get keloids, others can get them easily after minor injuries. Even insect bites or pimples can give prone people keloids! Keloids are said to be fibrotic tumours... scary eh? But rest assured, they are never malignant. It means that they are benign tumours (non-cancerous cells).

So WHERE, WHEN, and HOW did I get my keloid? Flash back to Primary One...
It's because of the injections the government made it compulsory for primary 1 students. Perhaps I tightened my muscles to bravely receive those 3 shots and somehow injure the skin tissue around the area? Or... maybe because I simply ate food, causing the scar to swell and turn scary ^^" It didn't really bother me when I was young besides the occasionally painful and itchy moments. And when someone hit my arm it hurts a lot but it's bearable. But when I grew older, I notice the pains are getting more frequent and the scar keeps growing. It still hurts when I was given a slap at that part or when loved ones touched that when hugging me. That's when I try to learn what it was and discovered it's a keloid. I did some study on it but only few years ago did I went and ask the doctor about it. Doctor told me a few options. I chickened out when he mentioned surgery or injections so I ran away and didn't confront him any more about my keloid. 

But last year, I decided to do something about it. Sacrificing for cosplay XD Because I'm scared of pains, doc asked me to try Mederma gel for a couple of months. Well, it didn't do any good because my scar was too mature. No change at all. This year I went back to see him. We decided to do the scary injections >.< 

Name of Treatment:
Corticosteroid Injection (repeated every few weeks) combined with Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen spray)

Starting from February last month, I was given 10+ shots on my keloid. Dr. Sidhu even asked his nurse Kolorine to hold my hand as he sprayed it with liquid nitrogen and then do the injections directly T.T It was tremendously painful!!!! Imagine just touching my keloid stings already! Injecting so many injection shots on that spot was extremely PAINFUL!!!

I refused to cry but my eyes went a bit teary. Doc was proud of me and said I was taking it well :)  It hurts A LOT after the analgesic wears off. I had to keep taking panadol throughout the day and when I go to sleep I have to be careful of my scar. The pain lasted for 2 days. After the first treatment, I noticed the scar  was slightly flatten and softened, but the itchiness and the occasional pain became very frequent. I just have to bear with it. 

 Doc took a picture of my scar before he starts the treatment.

 Few hours after the treatment...ugh, the blood stains from the injection.

Happy with the result of the first treatment, this morning I went back to see doc again. I agreed to continue the monthly treatment and became fearful as he prepares the equipments for the treatment. He keeps teasing me and calls me a scary cat >.<  As usual, he offered to borrow me his nurse so that I can hold her hands for comfort :)
This time i forgot to take a before picture because I didn't bring my cam.

Wrapped up for a whole day
This time it's about 6 shots. Not as painful as the first time.

All wrapped up and ready for a bath! XD

I feel weird revealing this important part of me that I normally hide in my pictures (photoedit :p). I decided to post it anyway because I hope this information could be useful to other keloid suffers out there. The treatment is not as expensive as I thought it was. Sorry I cant reveal the price because it's private and confidential. This treatment can be done at SMC with Dr. Sidhu the skin specialist there. 

Goodnite minna~! See you guys at Kirameki Cafe tomorrow!

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