Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ayaka PhotoplaY~!

Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Rachel. She wanna do her portfolio on hair and makeup so she called me up and came to my house with her makeup, hairset, n camera. The shoot location was at the garden in front of my house. Rachel said she really like the setting! But the bad thing was, the mosquitoes there were insanely DEADLY!!! Even though we put on mosquito repellent, they still bite and suck our blood like CRAZY! 1 hit can kill 3 mosquitoes OAO. At the end, we have to try taking pics inside my house. I learned how to pose eccentric poses in the shoot. The normal moena expression cant do for this style D: Well, it didnt stop me from SSing later XD

It lasted from noon to evening 7pm. After Rachel took down the puffy hairdo, I ended up liking the after effect :3 So...I took some cam-whore pictures with my webcam as usual XD The makeup made me look like some ganguro girls. Bleached hair (almost), tan skinned, shiny lips and shiny rings around the eyes = ganguro style! >v<  

Anyways, i noticed one of my pictures look similar to one of Ayaka's album cover ;p

and so... photo-edit time~! WALA! XD
Yeah i know this is scary :p

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