Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Evolution of Pets

You know, pets are originally from the wild and they are domesticated after thousand of years to become our house pets today that has the responsibility to eat and sleep whole day, with the occasional chance they would play with you. Domesticated pets are different from the wild as you can see, they look cute and adorable all the time, especially when you're holding some food in your hand XD

Because of human's pampering on these domesticated pets, I have even heard of dogs not being allowed to eat chicken meat with bones in them in fear they might choke to death.

Then, there's also the grooming parlour or the pet saloon which we heard of quite frequently nowadays.

Besides these posh saloon for pets, there's also the Day Care Centre and Accessory Shop for pets...

If you think you've seen it all? Then how about this?

A Prestigious Dog Club

Well, maybe you'd think those places can only be found in Overseas (Kuala Lumpur also considered overseas right? ahaha!). Well, rich bastards  people in Kota Kinabalu are also providing these luxury for their pets as pet grooming, day care, and training services are being provided here. Please pardon the vulgar language... it's the influence of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club XD)
My dear lecturer, Dr. Roszehan who I admire a lot spend about a thousand each month to bath her cat and make sure it looks pretty and pampered. Lucky Kitty! Even my parents don't give me that much money for my allowance D:
Dr. Ros loved her cat like her own child~

Now, posh pets are gonna brag and show off to their peers (normal house pets) and become more arrogant. How you mean? Easy! By uploading photos of themselves sleeping with money on Facebook! Ahahaha!

Sleeping cat: "It's all about the MONEY!"

I kinda find it interesting to see domestic pets being bullied loved by their beloved owners :3
This cat sure doesn't like to dress up.
Annoyed Dog: "You think this is funny huh?" 

Well, pets are getting smarter nowadays. They have their own facebook accounts. Here's a dog's facebook account: Mocha Ho own by my friend Jasmine Ho. Yeah, a dog that plays Facebook! 
Mocha Ho! Come add me in facebook!
  How bout a hamster that plays facebook? 
This is my smart hamster, Kush kush's Facebook account Tinkerbella Lipman Liew

Please visit my facebook!
(Moena: Kush Kush! It's my turn to use the laptop!") 

I think it's amazing how the evolution of pets had taken place. See, this dog even have his own handphone to call his master when he get lost. 

Does this dog looks familiar to you KK people? Yeap, he's that 'hotdog' you see quite often at Sunday Gaya Street. Well, I met him on a Sunday (2/1/11) at Foo Phing Dim Sum Restaurant :)

I'm amazed that pets nowadays can even play Nintendo DS! Now people who don't have siblings or friends can play multi player games with their pets instead >v<

Kitty: "You wanna challenge me in a Pokemon dual? Bring it on!" 

I know, pets can be very smart and always do things that amaze us. Like how my hamster do weight lifting each night to tone her muscles. Now she's even strong enough to open the cage door with 3 river stones on top o.O"

Pets can do really amazing things. You just need to know how to train them. I am now training my hamster to speak Japanese with me so that I can have someone to talk to in Japanese :3

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