Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

After Class Visit to Kirameki Cafe

I love attending classes, well, specifically Japanese class ^_^ It's fun when you get to go to classes and joke around with your friends XD

My sensei is a pretty 36-sai lady who knows how to create a fun learning atmosphere in class!

Here's some pics I 'curi' take during class

Very friendly classmate (Liew-san).

Fifi-san! Yeap, she's my classmate >v< 

It was Kelvin's idea to join the Japanese class. We wanted to join the class together with kenny and wolfy at first but somehow we got separated and started class this year instead of last year. I've learned Japanese Language for a few years already but I thought I'll just join in this class for fun :D 


I really miss Kirameki Cafe a lot. I miss Irene a lot! So today, I decided to go back and give her a visit~!

I'm so glad i get to meet Haruhi, the a new part time meido!
So cute! She's a cosplayer too!

IRTea passed me presents from ZAM-sama~!!!!!!! He even knows I like One Piece! 

It's a Sunny-Go keychain & a tissue from @home!
Sankyu so much!!! >v<

And finally, I get to hold a 3D kivato!!!! No longer need to play with the 2D one which I stick on the fridge ;P

So glad I went to visit the cafe today ^_^ 

Close up picture of Zam's gift from Japan...


I hang it on my neko pirate bag! Really matching!

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