Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meido Voice From @Home Cafe - Akihabara!

Zam-sama shared this voice clip to me in twitter. He recorded the voice of one of the @Home Cafe Maids ~! >v< 
I don't know who's voice is it because the sound quality isn't that good.

"Straight from Japan’s best maid cafe in Akihabara 6F"

After hearing few times, this is what I heard them say:

Sei no! (ready start)
Piri Piri! (pretty pretty?)
Shaka Shaka! (shake shake)
Moe Moe! (cute cute)
Kyun Kyun! (sound effect)
Wou Wou Wan Wan Nyan Nyan! (dog barking n cats meowing)
Pyo Pyo! (bird flying)
Fuwa Fuwa! (soft)
Doki Doki! (accelerated heartbeat)
Waku Waku! (excited)
Kun Kun! (?)
Dere Dere! (lovey dovey)
Oishikunare~! (becomes delicious~!)
MOE!!!!!!!!!! (so cute MOE!!!!!!!!)

P.S. These are not direct translations, most of them are sound effects. Correct me if I've listen any part wrongly ya!

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