Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Neliel Tu Oderschvank - Bleach Cosplay

Former Espada No.3 - Neliel Tu Oderschvank is my all time favourite character in Bleach! However, I have no idea why they want to write her out of Bleach so fast >.<

Here's my Nel in January 2012

I was very a bit fat compared to my Nel in Hobbycon 2010, ehehe... I blame all the delicious holiday season food XD 

Finally I had the mood to sort some of my files. This shot was from my camera by Grace, yes I love my little sony and my cousin! ^_^ 
Anyways there are even more awesome shots taken by Christine Lee, Mien and the others but I was in a hurry to get back to UK so I didn't manage to get the full resolution photos. I'll add them here when I can.

I was a bit picky in choosing the photos for Nel because she gives me this kakkoii feeling yet mischievous when she's not serious. It was a big challenge for me to do her expression and I spoiled most of the pics with my silly face ^^" 

When this cosplay first debuted in hobbycon 2010, I was not really satisfied because I did not finish the costume :X 

*Flashback to 2010* 
photo by Edgar
(Ahh,..the good old memories of H-laws)

For this 2012 shoot, I adjusted the costume slightly, added the collar, sew some parts and reduced some fabric *kofkof* so that it's more accurate to the anime version. Previously I kept the skirt long due to not wanting to flash my pantsu around the shopping mall <.< '

Thanks to my sis Becky for arranging the photoshoot, helping me to draw the '3' tattoo and helping me pin my top part when the zip broke while I was trying to wear it, fatness overload T.T   

See you again minna~!


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