Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih 3.0 - Clean & Fair!

28 APRIL 2012 - This day, many Malaysians out there are protesting in different cities, different states as well as in different countries in hope that our Malaysian government will promise us a fair election in the next coming election which should be taking place in 2013.

Around the globe, all eyes are on Malaysia today~ Especially on NAJIB

Photo from: 1 Yellow Malaysia FB

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia
Photo from: Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia FB

3.0 means it's the 3rd Bersih rally. As far as I know, people from 29 countries are participating in this rally. Just to name a few, UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong...... the official ones are concentrated in 71 cities (info from malaysia-today.net).

Bersih 3.0 in Tokyo, Japan today. 
Photo source: Bersih Japan Twitter

In Melbourne, Australia today.
Photo from: LeBin Teo FB

The rally was not a violent act, it was carried out peacefully where people just show up to support and voice out their concern. Supporters are seen wearing yellow t-shirts since that's the official colour for bersih. It was kinda touching to see so many Malaysian suddenly realised the direction Malaysia is heading with the current governtment that is going to drive Malaysia into the pits.  

Just some small facts about Malaysia that our government is trying to hide:
1) Malaysia elections were unfair, there were so many phantom votes, dead people's vote, bought votes, and foreigner votes : currently we just found out there are expiry dates on certain IC (identification cards) whereby it was given to illegal immigrants in Malaysia so that they can vote for the current government BN (dominant by UMNO party) in exchange for citizenship.

This guy in Melbourne is holding up a picture of our PM, Najib in gag style. True story. This picture speaks everything. 
Photo from: Julian FB

2) Some innocent individuals were killed when they stood up for justice. In Malaysia, if you have a strong 'evidence' that is going to tarnish the good image of some of the dirty government officials or institutions such as the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC), you'll be captured and disposed off like Teo Beng Hock, read his story here.

Who is this pretty girl? Her name is Altantuya. 

Have you ever heard of the story of the mongolian model killed in Malaysia in 2006? The suspect who planned the murder (almost everyone in Malaysia knows this) is now the current Malaysian Prime Minister. Surprise? Do you think the people in Malaysia actually want thins? No... but we don't have a choice, we don't have the power, we were afraid to stand up in case we get killed too. The mongolian model murder case was not the first or the last one, but it is the most famous one.

Altantuya and her son. Photo from: here

More stories about this case here.

3) There is really no freedom of speech. Some hidden authorities will catch you... beware beware... Even blogging can get you in trouble for example, Raja Petra. I guess I should too! :X


Anyways, it's really not that scary in Malaysia, our economy is still well, just that it's not heading the right direction with our government keep spending money foolishly, ended up going into the pockets of only a number of people. It's getting unhealthy. I mean if you wanna steal money, make sure you help build the country too so that it's sustainable.

There are many policies that the current government had created ended up in a mess. Our education system used to be very good during my parent's generation where lots of smart people, bright leaders and amazing entrepreneurs were brought up. But now... I think schools are not helping those 'smart resources' to grow. Instead the smart ones are not really appreciated, sometimes due to their ethnicity, some because they don't cover their hairs as a muslim. 

Malaysians are amazing... All around the world they have made many employers impressed with their amazing skills, abilities, or even just as a good person. 

Inequality of wealth in Malaysia had risen, with Gini Coefficient at 46.21% in 2009 (source: World Bank). And GDP per capita was reported at USD 5,185 (RM 15,775) and GNI per capita is USD 7,760 (RM 23,609) for the year 2010. 

 In layman's term, each person BY AVERAGE is earning RM 15,775 (Gross Domestic Product) or RM 23,609 (Gross National Income) yearly. 

However, I think a salary of  RM1,200 per month or even lower which is seen as an common salary in Sabah is considered very low compared to the average mentioned above. With a degree you'll get about RM 1,800 and if you're good you go up to about RM3,500 only after many years. A professional or managers can get about RM5,000 to RM10,000 but not many people are in this range of salary. In Sabah especially, our salary is so much lower compared to the West Malaysia that some people are only being paid < RM 600 per month. 

Besides, the living cost in Malaysia is so high nowadays that I think buying food in UK is so much cheaper comparably. Imagine I can get 4 yogurts at 33p (~RM 1.62), 1 litre milk at 49p (RM 2.41), a tray of 15 eggs at £1.25 (RM0.41 per egg), 6 amazingly deliciously cute chocolate muffins at 90p (~RM4.43). It makes me want to stay in UK! Imagine if I work here getting a pay of let's say £1,500 office rate or even if you work part time it's £7-8 per hour, you can save up so much money on food! With £60 allowance I can pay my phone bills (£10 + skype £9.99) and pamper myself with nice food and chocolates :3

My weekly rent is £93 which includes electricity+water+internet bills, furnished room, a cleaner that comes twice a week plus maintenance if your lights or electrical equipment is broken. The transport here is convenient, good and clean health facilities are covered for everyone, and there is welfare if you have no job. If you're sick, you get clean and good medical attention and medicines for free or at just a minimum fee. With extra money you can travel all around for holiday every year, fill your house with figurines, or even start your own business easily. With good life, people are nicer to each other!

Malaysia can have this too! If you have never gone out of the country, you might not know how much life in other countries are so much better compared to Malaysia. We need a good government. We can do this! 

Our first step is: Clean & Fair Election! 
Bersih 3.0 in Oxford! 
Togepi, Bear-bear, and Saru-chan all supports Bersih 3.0! They want to go back to a better Malaysia!

Probably this is going to be my first and the last post regarding politics, huhuhu.... it's not fun at all. I don't want to be disappear suddenly O.O"

Reporter Moena signing off! 

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