Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

♥ 萌 (Moe) Day ♥

It's Moe day! The reason why 10th October was acknowledged as MOE day was due to this reason...

Observe the kanji put together:
 TADA! Yup! It's pronounced as MOE! MOEna's day! :D

It was an important day to me so I thought I should make something SPECIAL for myself.... Which is why I got out all my cooking skills that I stole learned from Kirameki Cafe and attempted to make MOE MOE OMURICE - which was the best fitting dish I could enjoy!

~ 萌 萌 OMURICE ~ With my name and picture drawn on it!

I probably COULD have made it...
if only...
if only...
I paid more attention trying to learn it from AkitoMikuCubex, or even Airin D:

I attempted to fry the rice... then...

it become hangus and lembek 

Egg pun tak jadi.

Why am I talking in Malay now? O.O"

In conclusion... i PHAIL FAILED!

Terus MOE day became EMO day *Orz*

Ya, I really EMO for the whole day... even until the next day! Seriously!!!

What to do, my cooking skills have not improved that much yet....*emo*

Which is why, the next day after finishing my lectures in emo mood until 9pm and reaching home at 10pm, I threw my bag into my room and directly went to the kitchen! I don't care if i'm very tired....

And I started to make~~~~~ BEHOLD!

Moena's Onigiri~! 

~Ham and sausage~

So happpy~!

 I made it from the wasabi flavoured Furikake.

Luckily I bought these back to Oxford from Birmingham few days ago.

It was so late already by the time i finish making the onigiri. I only managed to eat some of it. So, I tried to put them nicely into my lunch box. MOE bento to bring to school tomorrow! >v< 

I couldn't manage to put it cutely into my small lunch box. I guess this will do.

The rest wrapped in plastic wrap. 

My tired but happy look  ( ´ ▽ ` )

I know i have been posting lazy post really short post recently. Anyways, today I just want to tell you how i spend my past few days! Well, it's 萌日, it's important! 

Hope you had a Happy Moe Day みんな~! ◕‿◕

P.S. I shall post my missing KL June adventure, Tenshi no Cafe visit, and Otafuse post soon... (Don't count on my words....I seriously don't know when, coz my files are all in a mess! :X

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