Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Back In The Land Below The Wind

I'm back in KK now~! Yahhoo!

Now I can start working on more cosplans! 

I've finished my conquest in England and shall continue to adventure with some fairies here, hehe...

Recently I was so busy I forgot to update my blog a bit so here's what I did - I made it back in time for one vocaloid group photoshoot and KK Cosplay Club invitation to UMS (few previous posts). I was still busy with long distance homework at that time so I'm not allowed to announce officially that I'm back :X

Then there's the GAME ON night at Pan Pacific Sutera where a group of us were paid and treated like 'Artis' (that's what the title on my table says) to keep those people excited throughout the night. We were also pampered with 5-stars hotel dinner and  pen drive freebies for coming. WAW!

And there's the UMS Cultural Night which I had missed where both times I was 16+ hours away by flight! This time I get to go and enjoy it. UMS Cultural Night with Bon Odori brings so much of 'Nihon' feel to our beloved city. It was really fun! I'm so happy I finally get to watch KKB88 Hakumei Dance LIVE! 

And because I'm the missing lazy member who's not around to contribute for more than a year... I happily volunteered myself to record it there for them ^^"

- - - - - - - 


 You see, and I had squeezed enough free time to prepare 2 sets of cosplays (although I still procrastinated a lot, like usual XD ). 

This time I'm really happy with my sewing speed. My sewing machine must have missed me lots so it didn't jam that much to show her love for my return! Aww~! 

AND SO, I managed to bring 2 versions of Lucy to Hobbycon this year! >v<

DAY 1: 

This is my favourite Lucy outfit! It's so cute and sweet at the same time <3

DAY 2: 

Photo credites to Joan Tseu 
Special thanks to Vironica for borrowing me her Nikola!

I wore this for Day 2 because me and my sis managed to form a Fairy Tail group last minute and this version fits the overall group better. 

Here's two really nice videos from Hobbycon 2012 if you would like to get a feel of ACG event in Sabah :

Try to spot me! >v< 

Video made by Jack

Video by Pjal

I'm really happy to see all my awesome cosplayer friends that I missed so much! They are so good in what they do now. There's even more cool props maker in KK now~! Especially my own sis who leveled up so much! Ho ho.... I saw part of how she managed to put her Erza Heaven's Will Armour together! It's really amazing!

Our community had really grown a lot since the first time I started cosplaying. It's so fun to see everyone grow ^-^

- - - - -

I also did a photoshoot with Richard for his promotional materials. This time I dressed up as Lenne (FFX-2) together with Becky as Yuna (FFX-2), Leon Carbine and Rei Robin. It was good to be able to work with such a passionate photographer with so much experience and I learned so much from him! Thank you!

Here's some future updates:

I'll be going to KL next week for Animax Carnival 2013! Looking forward to see May'N 's performance and to meet my friends from Semenanjung! Hope some of them didn't run off to AFA in SG on the same date >.< If you're there, please cheer for me too since I'm really nervous for the competition.

And one more update, catch me at IPEX, this end of March at Sabah Trade Centre. I'll be cosing in the morning session from 10am - 2pm. Looking forward to put some smiles in the faces of those kids who would be there for the colouring contest~!  

That's the gist of it... phew, this was a bit long - my fault for not updating more often, eheh. 

- - - - - 

P.S. Pray for Peace in Sabah as we are currently facing some terrorist attack where some schools are closed and a lot of policemen had died.

Take care minna, stay safe!!!!


Moena flying off! 

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