Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Journey To Earthland

I was as usual, sitting there one afternoon drinking milky tea at the garden and trying to get my homework done... Suddenly out of nowhere, out came Gajeel who said nothing but "tsuite koi" (follow me) in a solemn sad manner. I think because of his expression or maybe because he is a Fairy Tail character, I decided to follow him without any questions. And apparently I left all my stuffs there and just walked with him. (I guess I will never do this in real life, or at least I would at least grab my laptop along so if you haven't noticed, this is just my afternoon nap dream XD )

We walk through a few blocks of shops with cars zooming by. We took a few turns and the crowd lessens... eventually we arrived at an area where there weren't anyone around.

Gajeel halted at the alley, without warning, said "Ikkuze" (I don't know how to pronounce it... I kinda know it means let's go in my dream)

Then we were inside another dimension and there were white sparks / beams or whatever it is which keeps moving like electric or something. Knowledge seemed to flow into my mind without reason. I knew we were going to the Anime world and there's even a manual showing me in my mind that I will go blind in the real world because of the transformation, since anime eyes and real eyes are so different. The portal is asking me in my mind whether I would like to go ahead and I nodded. The transformation was complete and I got anime eyes! I was kinda shocked at first, knowing that I will go blind in real life if I ever to return to my world. At that moment, I didn't tell Gajeel because I don't want him to feel guilty for asking me to come. And at that time, I kinda know(?) that Gajeel is asking me to go to Fairy Tail Earthland to help them.

So, we arrived... spit out by the portal and it seemed like the portal was opened up by a machine located in the basement. We were in a place with grey bricked walls, felt like were were at the basement of a castle. It has a medieval feel. Then we heard footsteps and Gajeel's face turned into a very alert and serious mode. I whispered "let's hide" sensing the tensed atmosphere and the danger. We planned to hide behind big flags hanging on the wall but the flags doesn't extend until the floor so it will look very obvious. At the moment of danger, I don't really know why or how, I managed to conjure up a fake hologram wall by extending my hands. I was so scared of being discovered that I kept shivering. Gajeel looked at me with amazement and it felt like he understand my uhh call it magic? more than me.

Two person with army robes walked in to check the portal room and they were talking. From the looks of it, they were not mere clueless soldiers. I was so nervous  as they walk around the basement... and then, it seemed like they were walking towards our direction! Which means they were about to walk through my hologram and bump into us!

Gajeel grabbed my waist with his left hand and jumped up to the ceiling, with his right hand grabbing onto a budged out brick on the wall. The two person felt some wind movement and look towards the higher wall but they didn't see anything... one of them was trying to touch the wall but luckily it was an area lower than our position. My stretched out hands is still holding out the hologram. My heart is beating so fast...

The light was shining in through the window... It is also day time over there in Earthland....



ARRHHH!!!! Why do I have to wake up now??? I want to continue my dream please!!!!

Hmm, Gajeel had a dead look in his eyes, those kind of expression where someone has lost everything in his life. So I assumed something must have happened to Levy but I didn't have the chance to ask him. This dream made me want to read Fairy Tail manga! Up until now, I have been resisting the manga because I only watch the anime....didn't want it to spoil the anime but I'm so curious on what happened in their world now and what happened to the guild! Dang, I really want to continue my dream!

(photo from fairy.wikia.com)
Gajeel, not really my favorite characters in Fairy Tail but he was kinda kakkoii in my dream as he grabbed my waist with only one arm!!! 

That't all about my dream... I hope I get to write a continuation on what will happen...

P.S. It happened during my 1 hour nap... And, I woke up sweating... a bit tensed yet grateful because I can still see with my eyes, hahaha! I hope part 2 can take place during my 8 hours sleep so I could stay in their world longer :D

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