Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nissan Sunny

I have a very old car at home. Her name is Sunny and she's 25 years old. For a car this old it is still running smoothly! I came back from UK and gave a run at Sunny. My sis doesn't really like to drive her unless there's no choice since my old Sunny is a manual car and the outside was covered with some battle scars. So, the car was not driven much and was covered with dust. Not to mention, there's spider webs all around and lizard droppings on the car!!! I kinda had to take the broom and sweep the car, literally! lol!

Sunny and I speed along the highway of Kolombong yesterday! (Some of my friends know how fond I am of speeding, I beat many of my guy friends at informal races :X). I wowed at her engine. My mom definitely did something to maintain it :3 As long as it is running smoothly I'm alright with driving her :) I think I am used to hearing the sound of her engine humming when I drive on smooth lane and love her roar when she accelerates.  

The hardness of this car actually saved my life once! There was once where a Kancil speed out of no where while I was driving slowly in a small lane. It hit Sunny's side. The front part of that Kancil was gone! Sunny's driver seat door was amazingly hard and it was able to withstand the impact so here I am  now, alive and fine! ^-^

So when the new Nissan Sunny (ALMERA) came out, I was actually very interested! It must have Sunny's legacy! But I had emotional bond with my old Sunny so I might not change it that soon. But here's some picture of the new generation of Sunny!

If anyone of you are interested in buying a new Nissan car, please contact Isaac Tan at 016 776 1213. He gives good service and consultation. For special discount on the full price of the car (any Nissan model) and additional discount on accessories (e.g.: GPS navigation system), mention my name together with this code: 

This code is valid until 13th February 2013 only :)


Anyways, when I came across this article online criticizing old cars, I kinda felt offended for my Sunny :(

"After 10 years, they are as good as junk in many cases and that is one of the many reasons there are numerous accidents on Malaysian roads. Limit the life span of cars on the roads to 10 or 15 years. Malaysian cars (made in Malaysia) do not have the strength to survive beyond 10 years in reality. So do many of the foreign brands in the country. To make the car industry more vibrant, a 10 year limit on cars of a certain brand and make would be most welcomed as it would increase road safety."

Hmmph! Not my Sunny! She's still healthy and well! Most accidents are caused by reckless drivers! Not old cars :P And I think Nissan cars can definitely withstand long years!

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