Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice Night

Minna, Happy Winter Solstice Night~ 

It's when daylight was the shortest and my tummy gets hungrier earliest! Seriously! I always feel hungry when the day gets darker. I'm so used to eating dinner at ~7pm in Malaysia where it gets dark the same time all year round. But now when I'm engaged in battles in oxford... my tummy just find it as an excuse to eat more ^^" I ended up eating my dinner at 4.30pm, I played around honed my skills in the kitchen a bit, hehe.

Winter Solstice Night, or like how my hakka family culture calls it 'Guo Dong' (过冬), the actual name was 冬至. The name signifies it well, it was a festival to prepare us for the winter months ahead (like there's any winter in such a hot country in malaysia :X), anyways, it's still an important festival for us to celebrate. Normally families will get together to eat a wonderful home cooked meal and then we will prepare sweetened desserts called 'Tang Yuan' (汤圆which signifies togetherness. However, this year is so different for me... I am away from my family and so I only realised today is the day for us to celebrate when I got a phone call from Isaac >.< 

Well, I don't know how to get the ingredients for making Tang Yuan but I could make myself a very special meal~! 

So, TaDa!

Noodles & chawan mushi! And a bowl of healthy dessert.

I used pasta noodles and the soup base is made from shoyu + sukiyaki sauce + paparika powder with some seasonings leftover from instant noodle packets. Then I decorated the top with fried buta niku and some sweet gem lettuce.

Dessert is made from apple + pear + carrot + salt + squeezed lemon (I often preserve them in fridge like that) 

Here comes the verdict of my noodlee dish, this is also first time trying a soup base dish........ 

*drum rolling*

Wahh....I'm so happy!!!

Next is the chawan mushi:

I'm so proud of my chawan mushi, it's also my first time making it. To make it, just beat 1 egg + chicken stock + shoyu + salt + pepper + water and some optional butaniku inside. Then steam for about 20~30 minutes.   

It's not a perfect smooth texture, I forgot to lower the heat which caused some bubbles to build up. Well, it's still FuWa FuWa~! :D~

Thank you for looking at the photos of my amateur cookings ^‿^

I think I might be too busy to blog soon so Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Minna~! 

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