Log post: Moena's Adventure in Reality

Log Post: Moena's Adventure in Reality
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Royal Blood?

My mom is from a royal bloodline, from her great grandmother's side. Too bad the inheritance were splashed and wasted by her grandfather. My mom always look different than other girls around her that time. Though she grows up from a poor and harsh condition, she's always so fair, pretty, slim, and gentle when she's young yet strong enough to flourish and take up the burden of raising us by herself. The toughness of reality has battered by mom with battle scars yet she stands like a sunflower, still smiling and enjoying our everyday life and counting her blessings from God. Queen material I say :P

My auntie from my father's side was staying with us for the holidays. Last night during dinner with her she suddenly mentioned that their side has royal blood, she found out when she went to China the last time. She mentioned that our family came from the emperor 'liu pang', I'm not familiar with chinese history so I'm not so sure if I've spelled it correctly. My mom joked around by calling my rich auntie "my royal highness" lolx! 

Well well, seems that I'm a descendant from 2 royal bloodlines! I'm surprised! Probably it was already mingled with other normal people bloodline along the way, but it was fun hearing stories and imagining I'm some run away royal family who escaped death by the Mongolian invasion a long time ago. I'm now just a normal reality warrior who is fighting her everyday assignments in order to graduate D: Wish I can use my 'princess powers' to tell my imaginary soldiers to do it for me, hahaha! 

Princess signing off~! 
Yes I know I should stop dreaming :X

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